Toronto at Calgary

Hey everybody, just wondering where any of you will be doing a pre drink or tailgate. I've managed to drag a friend out for the game (we both work in Waterton lakes national park) and am trying to convert her to the CFL life.
Would love to tag along. We are both from Toronto.

Also, use this as the game day thread if one does not already exist.

Go Argos!

They are everywhere. Calgary has great tailgaters. next time when you want to ask a question try a stampeder forum.

the best ones i believe are on the west side on the grass by the high trees. i was there 2 yrs ago it was awesome.

i was there once when the head coach of the calgary flames and his family and another flames player jay bouwmeester was tailgating 5 spots over. then inside the stadium strangely enough they were sitting 4 rows in front of me.

Just show up at the stadium.

They are all over the place in the ( off Crowchild Trail ) parking lot outside the main gates on the East side.

Three for three, all games this weekend high scoring and classics.
In fact, this year the scoring is up big time and with virtually all games being super exciting.
The best year in recent memory.
I hope my Argos stay close.
It's up to the O line to protect Ricky and give him time to throw.
So far, he is my pick for the comeback player of the year.

Boy that was a phantom roughing the kicker.

No chance that pick by Vaughan is interference, the receiver tripped over his own feet.
TD has to stand.

Glad the command centre got it right.

Good use of the challenges by Trestman. The way the system is supposed to work.

Off topic but there is no use starting up a thread for a Toronto Argo question...

My friend and I want to go to the Toronto Zoo and then to the Argos game.

Her and I would take the Go Train out of Burlington.

Silly Questions from someone who does not know Toronto at all...

Will the Go Train take us to the Zoo and back to BMO field?

Is the Zoo a long way from BMO?

Unfortunately, the GO train goes nowhere near the Zoo. The closest station would be Rouge Hill and then it would be taking the TTC from there but it's still a way from there.

Hope you guys make the game anywyays!

Back OT...Pat missed! Up 7-6. We'll see how long we hold up.

Thank you...

The Logistics of this won't work. I'd be better off driving to the zoo than taking the go train. Much better off.

Last question...

How much is the parking at BMO?

The D has been awesome, but they are spending way too much time on the filed.
Just heard Ricky has 76 yards passing, this has to pick up considerably in the second half or we have no chance to upset.

Parking is 25.00 on site. It's steep but it's dictated by the Exhibition Board.

If you plan on taking the GO, why not go to the aquarium instead? It's at the base of the CN Tower. One GO station away from BMO!

Is the aquarium nice? Could we spend a couple hours there or is it a very quick visit?

Missed horse collar there but this one seems to be slipping away from the Argos.

Yes, the aquarium is very nice. Could easily spend a full day...or just do a few hours can come back for more for another visit. The Argos will still have 3 more home games after the next :slight_smile:

Thanks, MG. As always, your advice is terrific. You one smart dude!

I think my friend and I are going to take your advice and do the Aquarium and then the SRR game after. If we do, I will stop to say "Hi".

So nearly 40 seconds runs off the clock because the refs wouldn't set the ball. Calgary calls to and Toronto loses the three minute warning. That's gotta change.

Agree with you 100%, I have noticed that all year the refs waste too much time and the clock runs for way too long.
Even with the player going out of bounds, the clock is reset too quickly.
Bottom line the teams are not having as many plays.
Would love to see the stats pre this new clock manangement of now a few years.

Argos worst offensive production of the year.
Virtually no running game and never a threat passing, way too many check downs.
The Defense had a great first half, but could not hold on.
The special team with the return game was also abysmal.
Thank goodness we have the cats, but don't look now the RB are in the rear viewmirror.

Calgary defence was strong, Argos no match on this day. Tough Calgary team. Yes, woeful Cats next but the Cats are due for a win, Argos will likely lose another. :wink:

Great win for the RBs, almost let it slip away though. Lulay should start the rest of the way for the Lions and seems Wally is thinking that way.