Toronto At Calgary

your really want it bit? I could probably arrange for that.

Eww. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well this did not take long to go off topic.

You really opened up a can of worms and put a target on your back with this one Bungle.

…indeed, please re-set to game talk…

…getting Simpson and Fuller back into the line-up will be useful, there’s no tape on them lately for TO to use…but the Argos can often pull off a surprising upset when they play here…3-2 in their last five visits to McMahon…

The Stamps interior Dline seems a bit suspect to me. Sutton was able to pound out 134 yards. Stamps had to know that a steady dose of the run was coming vs Montreal with a true rookie QB.

The team that controls the LoS wins tonight. Both have good RBs that can open up the passing game. Whoever shuts down the others run game better will take this one.

Let's go Stamps. I need the win to finish even since apparently Sask didn't win even though I was positive they had...

Cornish kills a good drive with a fumble.

Nice tip and pick by the Stamps, but they shoot themselves in the foot with a holding penalty after the pick. Come on!

And the Argos give it right back

Yea well, Harris throws a pick off - tipped though.

Stamps Oline hasn’t been terrible, but without Jones and Bryant those holes for Cornish are closing quicker than they used to. They’ve given BLM some good time to throw though.

What a great throw by Harris. Put that on right in the right spot on a rope

They couldn't give us a better angle on the potential OPI?

They finally did. A little bit of contact there but not enough for a call IMO.

Has the league ever given a reason why offensive interference is not challengeable? The receiver definitely pushed the defenders head on that TD catch, knocking him off his feet.

Indeed, has a good QB coach in Ray, if one may call it as such - 7-0 Argos

Offense looking sharp again, meanwhile Greenwood having an awesome game on the defensive side.

If Rogers catches that in stride, he still might be running

Stamps look like crap so far :x