Toronto At Calgary

The TSN boys are all giddy over Tor QB Harris.
He has done well so far yes.

However, it will be interesting how he does against the Stamps power D.
It will be much tougher than Sask. Their D looks a little soft.

Also looks like the Argos have joined that alternate road helmet trend I hate so much.

Wow, they look like the USFL Portland Breakers.

Guess I better get used to it.

Never understood how Coloros got the nod over Harris

Still being creative with spelling names Bingel? :lol:

What's going on GD.. To insecure to actually contribute anything meaningful to these forums and instead insist on picking on petty spelling mistakes... For the record, my penis is of average length... What about yours?

Anyways… This should be an awesome game tomorrow. You have easily the best team in the league, against a team with no home, and yet a team that has played amazing football despite its circumstances. This game could easily be a Calgary blow out, unless Harris is the real deal.

Speaking of insecure... :roll:

If you are unsure about how a player's name is spelled, check it online! It is readily available.
Hell, you spelled Anthony Calvillo's name at least three different ways in a thread not long ago!
A couple of days ago it was Mervyn Fernedez.
Now it's Zach Coloros.

If it was a one-off situation, I wouldn't comment. But a repeated pattern?
If you have the right to be lazy and guess at how a name is spelled, I have the right to point it out and mock you.

And if you think this is all I do on this forum, then you haven't been paying attention.

Agree that a blowout result is possible if the Argos secondary is as porous as they were against the Riders last week.
Of course, it also depends on which Stampeder offense shows up - the powerful one from last season, or the struggling one from this season.

Bingel ???? And all this time I thought it was Mr. Bingle :oops: :lol:

If the Stamps don't play a whole lot better than their last game it won't matter who's chucking for the Argo's.

Well they did look bad against Montreal.
Even the best team does not always play their best game .

However what really concerns me about the Stamps is they still have not updated their Outriders Cheerleaders page.
Still from 2014. Every other team has updated the 2015 squads.
Talk about slow out of the gate. Where is their priority ?
I will give the Stamps until the end of today.
If I do not see the 2015 squad on Tue, I will call in and tear a strip off the person who answers the phone.

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! I would cancel my season tickets immediately!!! This is outrageous. How do they expect to win another Grey Cup when they disrespect the cheerleaders that way. Unbelievable, just stunningly unbelievable. Canadians are waiting Calgary, WE WANT TO SEE THE CHEERLEADERS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink: (just in case anyone missed the sarcasm)

Also, any type of gains by the offence has been wiped out by stupid penalties. It really affects the momentum and rhythm of any Offence.

The Stamps better win tonight, I need them for a perfect 4-0 week in Big Dave's VGCC :smiley: Should be a good one on CFL Monday Night Football. The Stamps win but the Argos keep it close.....Calgary wins a tight one tonight.....28-24 final.

Although… if the Stamps do win and the East gets swept this week… certain threads about the EAST being superior to the West since the first moon landing , may get bumped up? :smiley: :smiley:


There was a poster named Bingle
Who couldn't spell a players name like 'Pringle'

He said it was a petty game
To worry about spelling a name

And thought his IQ was measured by the length of his dingle
:lol: :lol: :thup: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Awesome! :thup:

We'll.. a Pringle and my dingle have one thing on common anyways...
You can all bite it