Toronto Argos quarterback Nick Arbuckle subject of trade discussions |

Arbuckle possibly out as an Argos

I wouldn't let him go.

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Could be, could just be seeing what his market value is. That's the thing with football, sometimes what you need is more important than what you have.

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Si son contrat se termine à la fin de la saison et qu'ils sont à l'aise de continuer avec Bethel-Thompson, autant en tirer quelque chose que de le perdre sans contrepartie. Arbuckle devrait devenir partant dans cette ligue, plutôt tôt que tard. Il ne se contentera pas d'un rôle de réserviste pour longtemps.


Yup, that's a GM doing his job.

The Argo's likely have a shopping list and we will know when someone gives them what they want.

If I was running Toronto I would not trade one of my QBs unless I was getting some sort of proven QB back in return.

Argos are in first place by a full game-and-a-half. There are just 5 games to go. The stretch run starts now. You're only allowed to carry 2 QBs on the roster (stupid rule!). Gone are the days that you can have an experienced #2 and a young project #3. You have to choose one or the other. We see the problems that the teams forced to use their young and rookie backups are facing this year. Toronto is now in an excellent position to win the east and play in a Grey Cup. In this position today I would definitely choose experienced #2 over young development project and they already have that in Arbuckle.


Dear Montreal Alouettes,

Thank you.


P.S. Please.

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Arbuckle either goes to Edmonton soon or Ottawa later... like the moment they're eliminated from the playoffs. :thinking:

The moment that WHO is eliminated from the playoffs?

Ottawa. The last thing the Boatmen would want is to be torpedoed in the playoffs by a trade within their own division.

Teams on the out are sellers, because they're out so they don't need players so much as assets. Teams still in it are buyers because they need players 'now'. The Redblacks are very much out of it and Argos are very much in it. The Argos would not sell, at least should not sell. That would be foolish.

Arbuckle for Dom Davis and Matt Nichols


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Ottawa already had Arbuckle. Ottawa would be smarter to get Harris, he will have a long CFL career

Yep - - Nichols for Arbuckle! That would be funny.


Teams on the out are sellers, because they're out so they don't need players so much as assets. Teams still in it are buyers because they need players 'now'

So the Bombers dropped from first to third, and lost 5 of 8 games late 2019.
Would you consider that to be An 'in team or out team'?

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We pulled the trigger on the Collaros trade in 2019 when we were dead in the water. Why not? The deal cost us very little... unless we signed him the following year. Toronto was going to cut Collaros loose at season's end anyway. I think they just wanted to get SOMETHING for him. We got lucky. :smiley: :+1:


Every loud mouth pundit said Zach was injury prone and finished. Just goes to show management buys into whatever the going thinking is in punditville

I however would cut Fatty Arbuckle loose, let it be known that McBeth was our guy , and will be for the future, he is only 33

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I'm starting to question whether he is a starter if he can't throw a good deep ball. That's probably the best differentiating factor for a QB in the CFL.

I would keep him for insurance though and as competition to keep MBT going strong.