Toronto Argos mess 'article' 'radio show'


So they suggest on the radio bout 30 minutes ago that Toronto is a huge market for the CFL that most of the people in Toronto love the Argos and it shows in the ratings as they are higher than Raptors and Blue Jays. But nobody shows up at the stadium. hmmmmm interesting.

The hosts and guest actually said they are more popular (in ratings format) than Blue Jays and Raptors but the problem is the stadium. hmmmm. this could get interesting.

Another interesting stat which is on par to what I have claimed. The guest who is a supposed expert on the CFL and Toronto Argonauts/and covers Montreal Alouettes/ now Ottawa Redblacks. Suggests he has factual evidence coming from a great source that Toronto's season ticket holders all come from the east of the city north shore Lake Ontario... AND.... he claims that there is zero chance the Argos get there own stadium in Toronto (city is broke. if maple leafs needed one they wouldn't get money) and that talks have actually occurred within communities north shore.

and believes the Argonauts will not be sold to MLSE but there is a hidden buyer and he is a celebrity with ties of a north shore community

Why did this need another thread?

I agree but this forum is full of threads that go nowhere or could be added on to another existing one

You are correct that the Argos get greater TV numbers than the Raptors or Toronto FC. Most of the time are better than the Jays, but not always.
A high percentage of the Argo ST's are from the 905 region, but that takes in quite an area, not just the North and East. But I believe the greatest number of Argo ST fans (60-65%) are in the North and East of Toronto mainly that area of the 905. So one would think a Stadium in that area would have the best chance to drawing those and more like minded fans. Don't know if there is enough private money available to build a stadium in say Markham for example. Braley was rumoured to be in talks with people in some of the North and East areas. I believe part of MLSE's interest in getting the Argos in BMO field was to prevent another Stadium being built that would be in competition with them for outdoor events. They sure didn't want Maple Leaf Gardens left intact to hold indoor concerts etc.

Good post. I wonder about the last line, tho. I hope they end up with the MLSE. However, this may explain why DB is not desperate to sell to MLSE.

OK, I can personally confirm that not ALL of Toronto's STHs come from east of the city. As for putting a stadium in a "north shore community," that is, ummm, everywhere in the GTA including downtown Toronto. The south shore is New York state.

Let's see a source :slight_smile:

Yes, please.

Markham would be a horrible place for the Argos. they should stay close to the go line. Mississauga would be ideal. you'd get more Cats fans out to over run the place

Has anyone thought of putting a stadium at Hiway427 and Rexdale Blvd, next to Woodbine Race Track. It has hiway access and close to the GoTrain

C & SA tried that location when they owned the team but the owners of the Woodbine race track were not interested.

there is no time to build a new stadium for the 2017 / 2018 season. The ARGOS only hope is BMO field and ironically MLSE.
At least the BILLS are not coming.

Time is far less relevant than the fact that there is no MONEY to build a stadium, ever. It would take at least $200M and the last I looked there was no sugar daddy looking to spend that kind of money on a 10-dates-a-year facility.