Toronto Argos are moving practice facility

They are relocating to a new practice facility. Taking over a closed HS. Rumor has it that they will be investing in the facility for further development and the Toronto Maple Leafs could be investing as well with offices and hockey rinks.

The proposal has been sent and they are expecting if a deal goes through then ownership will develop starting in 2018.

Rob Ford, former mayor coached Football at the closed school years ago.

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They have a short term lease thoughout this year and are negotiating for a longer one.

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Once a new lease is done, pending it happens. Some renovations including a new field turf is in order.

At least it will be a place they can have their branding on.

Practice facility or full-time gameday facility?

This might just be the place for the Argos to draw sellouts again!


I think that is their plan.

First things first. They need to secure better branding off the field. They are working on a few things which will help.

Problem is. The fans rather watch than going to the stadium. When they attract the same amount or close to Raptors #'s and at times in the 150k range for local numbers. That is a concern if they are not showing up at the stadium.

Fans are running out of $$ so unless argos are willing to sell tix for really cheap and give tix for free to corporate sponsors. things wont change anytime soon.

Then you have cliques. Some bars never show Argos. Then you go to Boston Pizza and they show CFL all the time. You go to hotel lounges and its all CFL and Argos. Then you go down the street and a local pub doesn't show it.

The problem is 2 things 1) enticing games to be more attractive for must see tv. 2) star power.
Toronto is a hockey town and nothing more. Every other team, blue jays and raptors have star power that makes toronto have a sense of value to outsiders. This is what makes Toronto tick. Argos don't have that anymore.

Toronto's most favorite athlete is Pinball. Then about 15-20 hockey players and Doug Flutie is in the 20-30. Vince Carter would be top raptor around 25-35 and maybe a few blue jays in that group as well.

Pinball is the face of Toronto sport scene. The community star power psychological problem went down after Flutie left.

So the Argos need to go after Johnny Manziel and win games.

The Argos should just change city...

Pinball might have been the face of the Toronto sports scene for a while, but he's certainly not anymore. Most people under 30 don't remember his playing days.

I'll bet the Argos try their dam nest to get franklin, now that ray's out.

People under 30 don't have to remember his playing days. Everyone in Toronto knows who Pinball is. I have never met anyone who doesn't. It's actually amazing.

Pinball could run for mayor and win easily. He is the most popular sports figure in sports history in Toronto and maybe most famous person.

Pinball can't even walk down the street without people stopping him. I was at Maple Leaf square during leafs playoff game and people were all over him.

Pinball really isn't relevant anymore. He might be well known to an older generation, but he's easily surpassed by the likes of Mats Sundin, Roy Halladay, and Vince Carter in the minds of Torontonians under the age of ~30.

stop making things up. you don't even make sense. Roy Halladay? He wouldn't even be top 100 athlete in Toronto. People under 30 surely wouldn't know Roy Hallaway.

Mats Sundin? most people under 30 wouldn't even know who he is. Then again. They should, but i'm just using your miscalculations.

Pinball is not only the most popular athlete in toronto history he is likely the most popular resident in Toronto.

Jose Bautista who has done nothing for the Jays is popular now but when he is gone, nobody will care. He is a blue jay and people from toronto will always think of their athletes as super. just like vince carter. probably the most overrated basketball player in history. he had 2 seasons and have below avg for the rest of his career, and he is a raptor legend? no wonder toronrto sports teams are a joke, if fans really think this.

Pinball, Gilmour, Sundin, alomar, bell, keon, clark, flutie would be the most popular athletes in toronto.

other players like bautista, carter, derozen are just in the moment players that current fans only know of, especially people who live in toronto but really aren’t fans (bandwagoners)

I stand by my point that Pinball just isn't that relevant amongst a younger generation. Doesn't really have anything to do with the thread though, so oh well. :slight_smile:

You can stand by all you want. If Pinball isn't relevant, Roy Halladay?

What is a younger generation to you? people under 30 is not a younger generation. People in their 20's and 30's know who pinball is. He is everywhere in Toronto. Maybe you just do not live in toronto and do not know what you need to know, to make assumptions.

So back to the Argos getting their own practice facility....

Saw an interview on TSN of an Argo player on what appears to be a high school football field. Hopefully that's not the "new" practice facility.

The article posted earlier described all of the planned renovations for the facility.
I had a laugh when I google mapped the field as it is. The football lines are a little wonky.