Toronto Argonauts vs Calgary Stampeders at McMahon

Looking for any friends, of the Toronto Argonauts variety, who are attending the game on the 13th of July. I am a seasonal resident of Alberta for now and decided I could take the trip north to Calgary.

Anyone attending?

Even if you're a stamps fan but active in this forum, send a shout out. Would love to go to a good bar before the game

...there are not a lot of bars within walking distance of the stadium, in fact the only one I can think of is Moose McGuires in the Stadium Shopping Centre just west of McMahon in University Heights...tailgating is still relatively popular here so you might want to forego the bar and an hour or two before the game just cruise the parking lot interacting with the fans (although this is a Monday night game so I can't say what the t'gating will be like, weekend game it would be full-on)...north of the stadium there is a shopping centre called Brentwood Village and in that mall is a fairly big bar called Kilkenny's that I believe offers a shuttle bus service to and from the stadium on game's a decent watering hole...

The bps is pretty close

...that is correct, just never really thought of Boston Pizza as a bar I guess...

or as a restaraunt...are they not a huge Rogers sponsor as well? That is reason enough for me to avoid it.