Toronto Argonauts to play on Baseball field Saturday

Just heard that the Argos will be playing on a baseball field. The changeover they say isn't going to be done in time, which I feel is wrong, simply because it doesn't take more than 1 full day.

But it will be interesting how it holds up.

I hope that isn't true because if it is,it makes the league look "mickey mouse" for allowing it.

Not really. Many NFL teams play like this, it's just a matter that the Argos aren't used to playing on some dirt.

The majority of NFL teams have to play on the dirt untill the MLB season is over.

I think the dolphins play on a baseball field...don't they? too bad ricky williams isn't playing, could make him feel more at home :lol:

paul godfrey is tryin to screw the CFL again.

McMahon = DUMB

Somepeople will use any excuse to say the CFL looks bad!

Here are 3 examples of it happening in the NFL when Baseball and Football teams shares stadiums!


what majority? only the dolphins and raiders share a stadium, the nfl is more advanced than the cfl, do your research before you pop off, two teams isnt the majority the last time i checked. Also the dolphins have made renovations to make dolphin stadium a permanent football field, as the baseball marlins prepare to move to a new stadium in the near future, and the raiders are looking at new stadiums in the san jose area, so do your research because two teams do not represent the majority of the nfl.


Hogan mention this on FF.,that Argos would be getting grass stains on their uniforms Sat. night.

Not Ricky Williams munchies grass stains ....

maybe ricky might chop off some of the grass so he can share it with soward, bernard williams and palmer.

playmaker88, do you post just to make drug references and diss the CFL? Ricky isn't a bad guy, there's really nothing wrong with weed. I think someone is jealous that they don't get publicity.

i dotn care about ricky williams, he aint no jim brown, barry sanders, ladanian tomlinson, walter payton, or emmitt smith, so the canadian media needs to stop hyping him up. The Argos love to overhype their players, eric crouch won a heisman, but he aint a legit qb, the dude is a runningback and anybody could play in nebraska's offense, ricky williams and john avery belong in brokeback mountain, because they are useless and injury prone, and the cfl needs to stop having teams change uniforms every season.

Ummm, what? Now you can't type? How can you mentin LT in the same breath as Sanders, Payton, or even Smith? LT isn't even guaranteed a HOF spot. Not everybody overhyped Ricky. Ricky didn't even overhype Ricky, he just wanted to play ball. I'm not going to touch the brokeback mountain comment. CFL teams changed their jerseys before last year because of a deal with Reebok. It's a 15 year deal I believe (Every 15 years the CFL gets new jerseys). How is that every season?

hamilton got gold jerseys, regina keeps changing their uniforms, since when does black become a rough rider colour,

Most teams have THIRD jerseys, we wore them once, and that's it, it was for CHARITY. Saskatchewan has a third jersey as well, which is black. NFL teams have third jerseys too if you haven't noticed.

NFL may play on baseball fields because baseball is their national sport, I think?

It should never happen in the CFL.

Next thing ya know, they will be playing on hockey rinks, or lacrosse rinks.

I read that the argos are giving the ok to it. I think the fans should boycott the game just on principle. Once again, CFL takes a back seat.

the argos are giving the ok, because they have no where else to go, the argos are cheap, they want u of t to build them a stadium, then want york to build them a stadium, then they wanna join the soccer team in their stadium, and now they have to crawl back to their daddy the blue jays and share the dome, the argos are a joke, they are too cheap to finance their own stadium, if the argos were smart they would get that big piece of land beside the racetrack, build a big 40,000 seat open air stadium build an indoor practice facility beside it, build better access to downtown and the airport, but the argos are cheap and are part of the cfl, the cfl is bush league, and teams are too cheap and lazy to build big beautiful stadiums.

i noticed that long ago, but when the nfl announces a third jersey they have to ask the nfl for permission 2 seasons in advance, plus they have a press conference and allow fans to view at their draft party so they wont be surprised when they wear them. the cfl makes different kinds of uniforms anytime they feel like, just like when winnipeg wore those ugly old school gold jerseys, i also remember montreal wearing those ugly black jerseys with blue numbers in which you couldnt even read the numbers.