Toronto Argonauts to play on Baseball field Saturday

Just heard that the Argos will be playing on a baseball field. The changeover they say isn't going to be done in time, which I feel is wrong, simply because it doesn't take more than 1 full day.

But it will be interesting how it holds up.


actually true, but once again found in the newspaper.

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Play ball. Football, that is.

The Toronto Argonauts and Montreal Alouettes face off Saturday night on a field that will definitely have a baseball look to it.

The Rogers Centre field will feature the dirt that normally surrounds first, second and third bases at baseball games. That's because the Toronto Blue Jays have a home game scheduled for Monday night and the field can't be converted from football to baseball in time.

"When we originally selected our schedule of home games at the beginning of the year, we were not informed that the conversion would take this amount of time," Argos president Keith Pelley said in a statement. "We appreciate the challenges with conversion time and have worked very closely with management at Rogers Centre to ensure the safety of our players and the Alouettes players will not be compromised in any way."

It usually takes about four days for the field at Rogers Centre to be converted from a football configuration to baseball and vice versa. Due to the tight conversion schedule, the dirt normally surrounding the bases, which is level with the field, will be left in place during the football game.

"The Toronto Argonauts football club has been very accommodating to the building and the Toronto Blue Jays in allowing the infield dirt cutouts to remain for their football game," said Blue Jays president Paul Godfrey. "As a result of this decision, we can ensure the quality and safety of the playing surface for the Blue Jays is up to Major League Baseball standard."

If it has endzones and goalposts its a football field

what a joke!

i'll be there and it will be interesting to see.

Do I get this right? There will be four spots of dirt on the field? So players' grip on the ground could change in the middle of a play depending on where they run?

Doesn't that sound like the best way to lose your footing and hurt yourself for no reason?

godfrey is obvioulsy jealous his bluejays are toast and wants to take down the argos with him, so the CFL looks cheap ( altho some NFL fields have the same thing, but NFL fans will overlook that part while bashing the CFL ).

At candlestick park in San Fransisco and, I believe, Miami the NFL teams there use to play on fields with the baseball diamond still there.

There was just a preseason game on a field that was half dirt.

Oakland too...I think

Somepeople will use any excuse to say the CFL looks bad!

Here are 3 examples of it happening in the NFL when Baseball and Football teams shares stadiums!

Wow, look at how far the fans are away from the field.

Good Pic ro!

As far as multi-purpose stadiums go, the Rogers Centre/SkyDome is as good as it gets!

That last one looks like it's the NFL game at the Big O in Montreal a few years back!

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Not the point!
What difference does it make when the photos were taken????

There are those that say that game in Toronto will make the CLF look bad....... I am showing
that it is nothing new and the NFL did it for years!

It is you who is out of touch because Im in Montreal!

The 49ers still play at Candlestick you fool they just renamed it to trick little scrubs like you into thinking its new or something.

Clearly its working.

Candlestick is still used by the 49ers and its still a joke.

And we're talking full time! This thing at Rogers Centre is just for 1 game!

Candlestick/Monster Park:

Looks like he is the one out of touch with society, doesn't it?

I do how ever wish he would be in touch with his Shift key and Capitalize a letter here and there!

If the CFL is so Bush, why the F are you here.
Go chat at NFL.COM