Toronto Argonauts Smash Mouth Football

Interested the Argos have a fullback style running back Ouellette and no other team has attempted to follow that lead? I watched the game last night and Toronto dominated all three phases of the game. Nobody can tackle Ouellette. Players stepping up who I have never heard of and getting the job done. I’m not sure what the actual player turnover was this past off season, the Argos certainly can attract and identify talent. As much as I hate to admit, their smash mouth style of football used to be a Tiger Cat norm. The Tiger Cat brain trust look lost and unable to put together a competitive team.


A power back would do wonders for the Ticats


I thought our RB last year Wes Hills had a similar running style. He seemed to run right over people and as a bonus he was excellent in pass protection too. The Cats should have tried to retain him.


So how did that turn out? Out of thousands of available talent nobody can find a Ouellette clown?

I don’t think they try really anymore, it’s been mostly about passing for a lotta years now they want receivers out of the backfield not battering rams. I’d love a tougher huge running back again with linebackers getting smaller and quicker you could run right over people nowadays


Clone not Clown.

You had it right the first time.

Since he looks like a clown in the first place…

Clown? I don’t see it. More like Sasquatch.


I guess the one advantage of the Argos looking so strong this year is that when I’m sitting behind their bench at the Grey Cup vomiting in my mouth at least I’ll know they deserve to be there.

Nobody can cut well with those big shoes

…and, that they’re really enjoying, their time, operating out of …

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I think the last true power back we had was Ronald Williams in the late 90s.

Wes Hills was more of a power back than Ron Williams

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Like 1996. I heard some weak attempts at the Argos “chant” but Flutie and company got it done (even with the “fumble that wasnt”).

I would welcome that “Clone” on Hamilton’s roster any day of the week.

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Unfortunately true.
But how many times would he get the ball?

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Great question. With Condell out of the way and Malinovich calling the plays … lots.

And if you are really lucky you may see Dane celebrating a Grey Cup win.

Power RBs since Williams…
First one to mind was Alex Green
Nikita Whitlock was built like the Argo RB
CJ Gable
Avon Colborne was a power back between the tackles
Julian Radelin
Lumsden and Ranek
Kojo Aidoo
Mercer Timmis

I might take Gable and Def Alex green off that list not really pile moving beasts… add in Tyrell Sutton and Cameron Marshall instead