Toronto Argonauts legend Dave Mann dies

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Steve Simmons: Argos great Mann remembered

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Toronto Argonauts kicking great Dave Mann dies at age 80

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"Super" was an appropriate nickname

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He gave me a golf lesson way back when. Very nice man. RIP Dave.

you forgot to post a news article about it earl ... :lol:

About twenty years ago I attended a sportscard show In Toronto which was to feature CFL cards and since I was a big CFL card collector I was there to display some of my vintage complete sets. Three invited guests to the show were none other than ex-Argos Dave Mann and Ed Harrington and ex-Ticat Angelo Mosca. In one memorable afternoon that I'll never forget I got to sit with these three gentlemen and as I was showing them my card collection they would stop when they came upon a certain player and recall some crazy story about that player. One funny story was about a Ticat player who shall remain nameless. The 'Cats were playing on a sunny afternoon up in Ottawa in the mid-sixties. The players were lined up for the national anthem when the nameless player said to the guy beside him, "Hey, Billy Bob guess what I'm doing right now?" "I'm peeing my pants" and sure enough the guy started the game with his pants soaked. There were countless other stories but I'll never forget how nice all three of those CFL greats were that afternoon.

Good read mighty. :thup:

Ah, so you're mocking me there dawgy boy. Ok, ok, I'll remember that for future reference. :wink: :cowboy:

Mr. Mann lived lately in the same building as my dad before he was recently hospitalized.
I spoke often with him, a great gentleman.

As a kid listening to the games on the radio, the mention of his name brought anxiety. I've always associated that name with long booming kicks.

Thank you, Dave for what you brought to this game.

Rest in peace, Mr. Mann.

Dave Mann brings back some wonderful memories. He frequently struck terror into the hearts of Ticat fans

when the two teams played together.

His memory lingers for many of us and I certainly express my heartfelt condolences to his family.

Rest in Peace, Dave Mann.