CTV wrote:
TORONTO — Rogers Centre has been slapped with temporary liquor licence suspensions for three games after infractions at previous events.

A baseball game next Tuesday between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Detroit Tigers will be alcohol-free along with another Jays game on April 21.

The liquor licence for an August football game has also been suspended.

Fans won't be served alcohol on Aug. 1 when the Toronto Argonauts host the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

A statement from the Rogers Centre doesn't specify when infractions that led to the suspensions happened at the stadium.

Tickets to either of the baseball games can be swapped for another game, though there's no word yet on potential exchanges for the Aug.1 football game.

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God, how will the fans survive? :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

1 Argo game is 10% of the season, while 2 Blue Jay games amount to just 2.5% of their the Argo ban will be 4 times as detrimental, if that is the intention. And how 'bout those drunken MLS fans who are an embarrassment to the entire region? :expressionless:

Do the Argos get concession revenue? The Lions don't at BC Place. I don't think its a big issue. It hurts Rogers centre than the Argos.

This is a penalty? Sounds like more of a slap on the wrist to me. Out of 92 games(including the Bills game), only 3 are going to be alcohol free. The Argos and Jays are lucky its only 3, and not 3 Argo home games and 27 Jays games. The concession workers should be told that if you think that the person is underage then don’t serve them, unless they can prove otherwise. If they don’t like it, too bad.

You should read the Argos forum. People are saying they WONT go to a non alcholic game. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

I love my Rum & Cokes. I love my Mike's Hard Cranberry, but be damned if I'll pay $8.00 a drink at BC Place! (Yes, we get gouged too!)

I go to Football games to watch the game, not to get juiced up. If people can't go to a football game with out a drink, then perhaps they should take the A.A quiz and see if they are candidates to go to meetings. :roll:

Sporty, for years TF used to be an alcohol free facility, but people still went to the games. Really, its only one game, the Argo fans should suck it up and quit whining about this-- someone on another board made a better suggestion-- to punish Rogers by making the Bills' game alcohol free! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Now Sambo, watching an NFL game sober is cruel and unusual punishment! That would teach them a lesson! :wink:

So you can't have a beer at one game, big deal. Have a few before. Rogers got caught breaking the law and is being penalized, so be it and if it affects the teams involved, so be it.

Argos don't get any concession revenue.

And the people complaining at the Argos forum - only one is saying they won't go. The rest can live without $9 beer for one afternoon.

I rarely if ever order beers at Raider games ($8). In fact, I even take my own sandwiches with me LOL I do order a soda to wash 'em down though.

There is always some lout that gets tossed for barfin' in his seat. What a waste. While I can understand why some like to have a brew during the game, I can't understand why anybody would have to so many they get plastered. Still, I think this decision is wrong-minded and punishes the fans as well as Rogers. There should simply be a fine and that's it — though we don't really know what the infraction was. Maybe the licensing inspector didn't get his new car in time, or maybe Rogers didn't submit the correct paper work.

Good reads gogo and rp. I want our government to keep public drinking under control and underage drinking under control and this is from someone who downs a 24 a week.

Why not ding the exhibition game rather than a regular season game?

...can the Argos mgmt and coaching staff still drink during this game?...

Better hire more security guards, if people won't be allowed to buy a drink there, they'll either get loaded before and sneek some in.

So that's how Matthews made it through his 0-8 stint... alcohol and a lot of prozac! :lol: :lol:

I don't drink at sporting events. I like being nice and sober and I don't need it to enjoy games. I'd rather have a little bit at home, a house party, or bar.

just sneak the booze into the skydome in the back packs of your kids, in coke bottles. not that i would know, but i have a feeling it would work.

Don't you kinda HAVE to get drunk to sit through ninety minutes of soccer?

You have to have a scarf or a streamer in case you get so bored so you can hang yourself and end the misery. :twisted:

Just kidding soccer fans, it's a great game, if you understand it which I don't.