Toronto Argonauts: Fit for Champions

REGINA — The Toronto Argonauts have won the 109th Grey Cup.

With a 24-23 win over the Winnipeg Blue Bombers the Argonauts have claimed their first Grey Cup championship since 2017.

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A very entertaining game right to the end. Thank you teams!

End of story.


Toronto, what can I say, I am proud of you and you have been my back up team I cheered for over the years in 1991 when you beat Calgary Stampeders 36-21 in Winnipeg, then went back to back yourself in 96 and 97 then beat the heavily favorable BC Lions in 2004. Won the 100th and beat again another heavily favorite Calgary Stampeders who were 15-2-1 in 2017. Now Winnipeg. Funny thing is you had the same record as Winnipeg did in 2019 of 11-7 when you when they beat 3 heavily favorite teams. It goes to show, just because you're record shines, doesn't mean you will win the big game. Some do like Baltimore, yourselves, Montreal Alouettes in 09 and Calgary in 2014. Winnipeg is going to probably try another back to back. Who knows.

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Congratulations Argos on the Grey Cup victory. Hopefully this helps in bringing new life to the team in Toronto and sells some season tickets for next year. Great game!!

If past history is any indication I wouldn't count on this win doing anything for this team when it comes to new season ticket sales or a boost in gameday attendance if truth be told .

As I said on another thread, they just won the Grey Cup and if Chad Kelly becomes the starter they should start marketing him. He has the name and the pedigree, plus he’s from the neighborhood unlike someone from Texas who couldn’t find Canada on a map. Make him the face of the franchise and start promoting him in Buffalo. Maybe we can get some fans from there.It’s time for MLSE to go full throttle.This maybe the last chance for the franchise to become relevant again.Just a thought.


I will return to season tickets if they commit to Kelly as a starter.
If they return with MacBeth - I will not go to any games again.

Argos should be interesting in 2023. With all their receivers (except Banks who should retire) and most of their defence eligible for free agency, their chance to return to the Grey Cup will depend on their off season signings. I hope they give Kelly a decent shot at starting, and leave Mitchell for Hamilton to sign.

I agree with Bobo. His point on their Grey Cup win won’t do much for ticket sales is spot on, and that’s a shame. They were the better team vs. my Als and the Bombers, and deserve the title of champions. A Backup quarterback coming off the bench and shining, two blocked field goals, to end the game made for a typically entertaining final.
Congratulations to the Argos and their fans.
David once again has bested Goliath.

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In the end the consumer always decides