Toronto Argonauts are 145 years old today! Happy Birthday

5 more years - is that our Grey Cup Window? Oldest in North America.

Anyways Happy Birthday Toronto Argonauts. Some great old photos on ebay under Toronto Argonauts

Didn’t realize that Argofan. Hopefully this will be celebrated in the Toronto sports community.

Nice to know. :slight_smile:

I agree. Get the Grey Cup and hold it on your 150 anniversary. If that doesn't sell tickets, nothing will.

I hope in 5 years for 150 it looks like this photo of opening day at BMO .

Me too. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information.

What a storied history the Argos have.

Too bad they’re totally neglected in their own market


A belated Happy Birthday to the Toronto Argonauts. 145 years young 8)

Hear hear!

I wonder how many American football teams can even come close to the Argos’ long history? My guess is zilch to none.


The Argos won their first game against the Hamilton Tigers by “a Goal and a Try to Nil”