Toronto Argo players punch ticat fan

I don't know how to link Facebook.

It's all over social media.

two argo players punch hamilton fan.

Edwards was one of then.

By the way I'm talking full out punch...

They are on the concourse.

Hamilton fan says something then argo players start swinging. Full on

Hey Toronto, Hamilton real estate prices are almost on par with Toronto prices and soon to be the same as GO service continues to get better here. And should be on par since quality of living in Hamilton with the escarpment and waterfront and way less traffic beats the living shiiiiiiiiit out of living in Toronto.

Deal with it! :rofl:

Not sure what has to do with argo players punching ticat fan

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Who cares what a Grey Cup it's going to be with home town in it with Collaros back in town. Magic.

Charge them with assault. I don't think Ambrosie can help them out of that, right :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wait until you see it..

I'm not on Facebook but my wife showed me it...

It's no joke assault.

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So lets talk about McLeod Bethel-Thompson and his treatment of the on-field CFL videographer after the game. It was despicable and bordered on assault they way in which he verbally abused and physically grabbed the employees camera, not once but twice. The QB needs a lesson from a real professional on just how to deal with disappointment. Added to this incident was his stupidity prior to game day at the Raptors debacle this week and the League should be at minimum fining this player if not outright suspending him for a few games next year!!! He should never have been allowed on the field in the first place. Way to go CFL for teaching your fan base how to conduct yourselves as a Pro in this league. Very sad display!!! M. Clemons will be upset for sure.


Number 18 and number 6...


What page on Facebook ??

My wife is going to send me a screen shot with the argo swinging

That would be Chris Edwards (#6) and Dejon Brisset (#18). Just fyi. Let's wait to see the context before passing judgement.

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A lot of bad sports on that blue team it would seem.

MBT hassling the videographer who was just doing his job. . . and then going and standing against the goal post pouting. Mrs MadJack said it reminded her of being in grade school and being forced to go sit in the corner.


How about this

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And failed to face the media post game.

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I don't think the Raptors incident is on him, but the other stuff if inexcusable.

Is there a full video that can be posted or where on FB this can be found?

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Simoni is streaming live calling out the fight.

Asking the cats fan to contact him.