toronto and the nfl

I hate to say this but at this time of history the west is best both football wise and economically I can not see how anyone would pay 200.00 dollars to go see a football game . If they do they should just shut up about the economy being so bad because we out west will not help them any more
the nfl will not work in canada just like baseball does not work the centre of the universe is melting slowly

The NFL will work in Toronto. That's what many people consider a problem.

Its nice to know that you're the guy with all the power out West. :slight_smile:

So anyone hear yet how the actual ticket sales are going for the Bills games in Toronto this year? I thought I'd hear by now some numbers. Guess it didn't sell-out quickly once people who signed up had the chance to buy. The Bills have sold some 52,000 season tickets, second most in team history I think it is.

I was in window 3. They're on to the 4th and final window for those who won the lottery. We'll have to wait and see what happens next.

I hear they sold 90% of the tickets for the games.

Here's a story. If the Argos aren't given some real exposure by the Bills on this like some players attending functions and being given presentation type status, I'll be very peeved off, very peeved off!!:

"As for tickets, the 90 per cent sold are from the approximately 30,000 that went on sale in early May via a list of roughly 180,000 requests for tickets which continue to be answered by a lottery draw.

"We're absolutely thrilled with this response," Lind said.

Only about half of the 9,000 VIP seats, ranging in price from $350 to $575 a game have been sold, although according to Adrian Montgomery, general manager of the Bills in Toronto series, the marketing of those seats to high-end corporate customers is just under way.

Rogers previously announced the average price of standard tickets to see the Bills in Toronto was $183. But with the inclusion of VIP seats, which include hospitality and tailgate parties and other amenities, the overall average jumps to more than $200 a seat.

Rogers also announced that the Bills will wear a Bills Toronto series jersey patch for each of the games played in Toronto.

"That piece of Toronto will be carried throughout North America every time they play in Toronto," Montgomery said."

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