Toronto and Ottawa play just 1 preseason game?

What's going on here?

If you look at the master schedule, Toronto and Ottawa play one preseason game while the other seven teams play two games.

That was talked about when the sked first came out. They each will have a 2nd pre-season game at BMO Field - date and time TBA.

Yep, the second game's date/time is still to be decided, but will occur. Unfortunately doesn't have a method to note "this game exists but doesn't have a date/time" so we had to leave it off completely for now.

anyone know why the date/time is an issue?

I'm speculating but wondering if they're planning on making it a mid-week day game to get school kids out much like the Jays and Marlies do a few times a year.

My contact at BMO mentioned they were planning this last year but it got too deep in the off season to make the change. If this is the case, just refund/credit for the unused game and I'm good with it.

Actual 2 games but one is okay

Play the game in the United States.

Better yet, play one or two regular season games in July in the United States before the NFL begins regular season play.

I'd go if the games were nearby.

That sounds easy, all we need to do is just find a football field in the U.S. that is longer and wider with larger endzones and the goalposts on the Goal line, should be no probs. :wink:

Major League Soccer – Columbus, Ohio.

United Soccer League

How can the game be "to be decided?"

Redblacks and Argos are not the 1st hat tenants in their stadiums?

It is supposed to be the Argos home preseason game and they are not the '1st hat tenants' at BMO Field - TFC are. But having said that I don't see any reason that any TFC dates are causing the game to be a TBA status.

TFC would be finished any of their CONCACAF games - no matter how far they go in that championship and they have no MLS league or Canadian Chamionships home games scheduled for the month of June.

So I suspect that they may be considering a school kids weekday game and perhaps they are trying to still work out arrangements for the best time/date for that with area school boards and maybe tie it into fundraising for a local charity and are trying to work out those details.

I know here in Hamilton my condo overlooks FirstOntario Centre where the Hamilton Bulldogs junior team plays and I noticed hundreds of school busses flooding the neighbourhood one morning a couple of weeks ago. Turned out it was the Bulldogs annual school kids game that started at 10:30AM that morning. Not only did the game attended by about 12,000 result in a $200,000 donation to school breakfast programs but they incorporated a literary lesson and activities surrounding that at the game.

So maybe the Argos are trying to pull something like that together.

I have to say a great job by Ottawa in their ticketing/marketing department.
We went to a game last year and I received an e-mail last week about their 3 game home opener package, went on sale last Wednesday to Friday.
Great to see them working and selling early.
I bought a mini-package last year for the Argos but received NOTHING about a seat sale or mini-package sale.
I also went to a Tiger Cat game and have received NOTHING from them.

The Maple Leafs will be playing for the Stanley Cup in June. The Leafs are worried the Argos will hurt them at the gate.

MLSE putting down new grass at BMO Field at the end of May. I'm hearing Argos v Ottawa in Guelph on June 7

Funniest thing I've read on here yet.

I am with you this is hilarious and it's not even April fools.

I'm not sure which part is funnier . . . last time the Leafs won a cup, an Argos game at the same time actually could have been a valid concern.

I think a game at York University would be interesting and put up a few bleachers to get it up to 5,000 capacity . Preseason games never get many spectators but a game at York might be appealing .

Looks like the game will be in Guelph on June 7. A Thursday night.

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Nothing announced by either team so far.

I thought it would be in another place in need of a little CFL attention .

Windsor , London ., Kitchener- Waterloo , Queens , York and U of T would have been more interesting choices .