Toront trades #1 pick to the Riders

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I guess we'll see if the rumours are correct, or is someone blowing smoke up our butt.

beleive it was first reported by sportsnet right and they arent the greatest of sources when it comes to the CFL.

who knows, might just be blowing smoke up ppls butts so people tune in tomorrow way early to see whats going down.


I like that deal a lot, here's hoping it goes through

Toronto has some good NI linebackers in Eiben, Pottinger, and Fontaine. I would give up Shomari williams in return for Eppele, Greenwood, and an experienced receiver for sure.

Very good trade for the Argos and Riders. Nothing official, but I am positive that it has happened.

If only they-The Argos- can find a good QB; I hope so for them. Would be good for the League.

Since Maver-K/P-will most definitely be selected by Calgary, will be anxious to see/know what will happen with selections 6 and 7,i.e. Winnipeg and Montreal. The 2 selections should be amongst these 3 players: Joash Gesse-LB-,Taurean Allen-CB/DB- and Corey Watson-WR-. I say Gesse with Winnipeg and Allen with Montreal and Watson will be selected by the Riders, with the 8th selection.


The veteran is Jamie Borhams.

Where did you see that the veteran is Boreham?

If that's right, it makes sense from the Riders point of view. Boreham was to lose him job to that American kid anyway.

Rod Pederson is now reporting the traded player is Boreham.

so do we still have the 4th overall pick then? man im confused!

Not if the rumours are true. The trade is Toronto’s 1st and 8th picks for Saskatchewan’s 2nd and 4th picks and a veteran NI (supposedly Boreham).

riders did some awesome manuvers! pain in my side!