Torn on Burris

I'm torn on how I feel towards Burris. Last year when Kerry Joseph beat him out for the MOP, he complained, and I thought that was pretty juvenile. Then this year he was the West's nominee, but he lost out to AC, and he complained again, making dumb comments like, "Let's just get this over if we're going to get shut out again." Those sort of comments leave a bad taste in my mouth.

AC responded by saying it could have gone either way, and that he would've been proud of Burris if he'd won. That's the classy thing to say.

But I was just watching Sports Centre, and they showed the CFL panel talking to Burris, and he seemed genuinely happy to win the Grey Cup. He didn't make any snide or disparaging comments towards the Als. I didn't see a bitter person at that table, and it just makes me think, "If he could just cut the complaining..."

I just got back to my hotel (quick post before I go out again) and Stamps fans were so FUN after the game!!! Actually all fans were, as soon as I sober I'll put pics up!

Don't know about last year, but this year I thought it showed an arrogance that his teammates rallied around. The stamps played the me against the world thing to perfection. At the end of the day people will only remember the champions.

I believe what Burris commented on was that the ALL Stampeders were shut out of the players awards. Finishing first in a tight battle in the West Division and low All Star nominations and no players awards only shows the players awards are mostly a popularity vote. Good that Burris has made all his critics eat their words

Well the Burris and Sandro comments about the awards prior to the game is the fact the sports writers are wrong. I think Sandro and Hank shoved it down their throats with this win. I do not know about most of you but watching the pre game hype one would get the feeling they wanted the Als to win. To bad the story book ending for the Als did not appear. They had a good team but not good enough. Beaten three times this season is hard to swallow by the best team in the league the 2008 Grey Cup Champion** Stampeders.

I never got the sense Burris was talking about himself this year. Calgary was the best team in the league this year. They proved it in the regular season, and proved it again last night. They won zero awards before last night, and didn't even have that many all stars (half as many as BC?).

They felt snubbed. In a way, they were snubbed. The awards seem to reflect last year more then this year. Ah well, Calgary won the only trophy that matters, and now they can shove their rings in the faces of the people that vote for these things.

I think Burris knew exactly what it would take to really get his team going and he did a great job of it. Congrats to him for finally getting his Grey Cup!

Gee..if I were a member of a team that worked their arses off all season, with positive success, my blood would boil. Sometimes it can work against you rather than for you. They knew that had a very well rounded team in all aspects...and that is why they are the Champions now. They took the adversity and went to the next a team.
Memo to Sask Fans: you can stop your hate on for Burris now. He no longer is a choker..his first time there(as a starter), and he and his team won. Stop blaming him for leaving your beloved Riders...he was given no alternatives. Nealon Green was to have the first spot, and the Stamps assured him a starting spot. Most QB's want to have a starting chance..and the $$$ that go with it.