Just came across this article from the East Coast. Our Foreign Affairs Minister not only loves the CFL and is a big fan, he expects the City of Halifax will win the Commonwealth Games bid in 07.
This will enable a stadium to be built and he also mentions how Halifax and Moncton will share in the team.
Calling same the Atlantic Schooners.
Now, this is even more reason for the Gades to straighten out and run in 06.

MacKay: Games bid in bag
Winning would mean a new stadium for Halifax, he says
By CHRIS LAMBIE Staff Reporter

Halifax will win the 2014 Commonwealth Games bid, Nova Scotia’s voice in the federal cabinet predicted Friday night.

"We’re going to win the Commonwealth (Games) bid," Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay told the Atlantic Mayors’ Congress at Halifax city hall.

The city is competing with Glasgow, Scotland, and Abuja, Nigeria, for the right to host the international sporting event.

Getting the Games would mean a new stadium for Halifax, Mr. MacKay said.

"Then we’re going to get a CFL franchise and it’s going to be shared between Moncton and Halifax," he said. "The Atlantic Schooners has a nice ring to it."

Describing himself as a "Commonwealth Games enthusiast," Mr. MacKay grinned when Halifax Mayor Peter Kelly offered to have the former rugby player fitted with a blazer bearing the logo for the local bid.

"We’ll make him part of the team," Mr. Kelly said in an interview after the minister’s speech.

"I think he was overwhelmingly optimistic to receive it."

There has been no public promise of federal money to support the Halifax bid.

"That’s an issue we still have to negotiate," Mr. Kelly said. "We haven’t got to that point yet. We have to finish our presentation and our package and our proposal and that’s not yet done. When that’s done, then we will approach the government."

In an interview, Mr. MacKay wouldn’t say how much the federal government is prepared to promise for the Games.

"We’re very committed to work with the province and the municipality of Halifax to see that we have a successful bid," he said.

"The process is ongoing. . . . I want to sit down as soon as possible with (Commonwealth Games committee CEO) Scott Logan."

The host site for the 2014 Games will be announced next year.

"We’ll be there with the federal funding and partnering with all of the levels of government that are supporting this bid," Mr. MacKay said. "It’s a wonderful opportunity, I think, for us to showcase the very best of Atlantic Canada."

Organizers are now saying the Games will cost $750 million to $785 million.

"We don’t know what the full price is just yet," Mr. MacKay said, noting Ottawa is supporting the bid process financially.

The federal government’s contribution will be "substantial," he said, pointing out that Ottawa had promised to pay about $300 million for Hamilton’s failed 2010 bid.

"So we’re not talking about a small amount of money," Mr. MacKay said.

"We have to be fiscally responsible as well. But if Halifax gets this bid, the federal government will be there in support. And we’ll be there to give our share and to see that the Games are a huge success."

’We have to be fiscally responsible as well. But if Halifax gets this bid, the federal government will be there in support. And we’ll be there to give our share and to see that the Games are a huge success.’

one question, why the hell would we have to share the team with moncton!???
Halifax is far better! and the name should have Halifax in it!
Because, if we can win the bid, that shows were good and ready to thrive as a city, and to have a CFL team.....moncton...hell the biggest thing thats gone there is that 1 concert that happened in the come on!

I read that in the paper the other day. I was gonna post it here but I couldn't find it on the internet. It's interesting though. sure hope we get the games.... and that the team wont be called atlantic.

People that want to track the 2014 bid can watch here.

I have a question.
HOW do you share a team??????

They will split there home games. Half in Halifax and half in Moncton.

No, it would be in Halifax but it would represent Moncton too, by calling it "Atlantic" or "East Coast". I hope its "Nova Scotia" or "Halifax".

So what you are saying is that the RR's are being shared with Saskatoon as well as Regina, and the Lion are being shared with Victoria.
If you share a team you get some home games as well.

So do I have to buy season tickets for 10 games of can I buy just 5

I never said they would be shared. I said it would be representing them too. Which shouldn't happen. If the team is in Halifax, why would Moncton have home games for it?

Mckay said it would be shared.

noo thats too long lol, ill be drafted in 2011 and i wount get to play with 10 teams if it takes that long lol....

unless he buys the team he wouldn't get to choose. He can say his opinion but he wouldn't have the final say.

why does this guy think he can dictate ANYTHING about the CFL?

he doesnt have the right to say it will be shared, or name them ‘atlantic’ OR the ugly schooners…im glad he wants the CFL, but slow down buddy…

if they want to play pre-season games at monctons new 10K seat stadium, thats cool…but the reg.season should, and will, all be played in the stadium in halifax.

and ‘schooners’ is horrible!..if its gotta be called atlantic, then admirals is much better…but i still prefer halifax somethings.

just like most of us…

When McKay said "shared", he didn't mean that each team would get a certain number of games. He meant that it would be Moncton's team too, with the name "Atlantic Schooners", but would play its home games in Halifax.

The Regina Roughriders changed their name to the Saskatchewan Roughriders because of all the fans from across the province who support the team. It is not Regina's team, it is Saskatchewan's team. McKay expects a similar situation on the east coast, where it would be Atlantic Canada's team, and would be based in Halifax.

Of course, as DG mentioned, where it is located, and what it is called, is not his decision. He was just saying what he hopes -- and believes -- the CFL will do.

A perfect way of explaining what I was trying to.

What I am happy to see is the involvement of the federal government. Especially since McKay is from PEI, I believe. What happens though if by chance Halifax does not get it? Will the government bail yet again on the poor east coast?

if they do bail on the east coast, they better use that money to get hamilton a new stadium.

With all of the federal scandals and mega billions lost in Quebec etc., the least the federal government should do is finance stadiums for the CFL.
There is no better unifying force with a truly Canadian league and to culminate in the best celebrated event, Grey Cup week and game.