This strikes me as the least interesting game played in the league so far this season. . .

No, there was the fake punt. There have been many worse games than this.

I gotta say, I'm a little surprised by the score. :expressionless:

Years ago 1969 at Old Empire: Sask. 18-7 over B.C. Lions

Hope Miller lites a fire under the players, they are FLAT!

personally, I cant stand lite beer.

There is a reason why both these teams are in last place... well there are many reasons :?

now that was nice! The Riders finally are waking up!!

had me worried for a little there.

The fire has been LITE!!!!!! Awesome series, let Go Green!

Me either, but its not Miller Lite anymore :wink:

Good game going on here.

Riders need to move the ball again.. at the very least, get beyond mid field. Scoring another TD would be fantastic!

but if not, pin the ball deep in Toronto's End.

Thats the funny thing about sports, a good team that should dominate tends to play down to the level of thier competition. I have seen it so often in the past.

Riders really don't want Getzlaf to be hurt. All he's done is catch bombs the last few weeks.

Nice punch to the gut!

Getzlaf will be fine.

so they did what I asked! :slight_smile:

"Darian Durant. He put 'escapability' in... something." Good one, Forde. :thup:

yes, it's better than him always saying "ya.."

Well, not a bad call there.....Argos start just inside their 20 yard line. 14-12 Sask. leads