Three wins in a row would be sweet..........Go Riders

Maybe Toronto will get fired up by the Regina crowd. Lord knows it must be difficult playing in the city with the worst sports fans in the country.

That being said, I pick Saskatchewan by 30 points.

"First pass in the air"
hehehe... really? Did Mr. Black acctually say that?

how come nobody on the Riders special teams picked up that receiver?? on the punt?

No harm done none the less....Riders D is showing signs for a long day for Jyles. See what Durrant can do on his first series.

well, the INT wasn't totally Durant's fault. it's not like he threw it way out of the way, a touch high.

but they need to tighten up here.

First blood Argos. Lets see if it lasts...

what a sweet pass by jyles, clemon would never do that

too bad it just ended in a fg

Quit running straight up the middle go to the outsides, you're not getting anywhere argo's.

Sask. D on the field for some time.....Riders have to get a drive of their own going...2 Fieldgoals 6-0 Argos

No they dont. :twisted:

I'm quite OK if the Riders don't have a single good drive the rest of the game too :smiley:

argos need to stop the penalties...

"The pass was overthrown" WTF is this guy smoking, the ball hit the ground about 6 yards behind the TO reciever.

I hate these afternoon games. I'm not used to watching football on Saturday afternoon. I only remembered this game because I received an email about a PM, and I saw the score when I logged in. :x

Dont worry Chief you have not missed much. :lol:

Anybody having issues with their TSN feed? Not HD, regular peasant SD. The audio keeps cutting out and the video is freezing a lot.

Yup, over here on Van. Island too.

yep ( Calgary ), Though not much freezing just loss of picture and sound for abouy 5 seconds each time.

Must be the people in toronto, freaking out, because thier not used to seeing the argos winning :lol: :lol:

Oh No! I cursed them :x :x