TOR. vs MON.

The Argos D will have their hands full with Anthony Calvillo; will it be tomorrow or next week against Calgary for Allen's record to be broken? Happy Thanksgiving Monday none the less.

I just hope that this game is as physical as the Winnipeg-Toronto tilt was a few weeks ago. I want to see a war of attrition, with Montreal players either limping or being carted off the field.


This thread can be merged into the Turkey game thread by cflisthebest. Please Mods and Happy Thanksgiving Monday :smiley:

It could be the b@oc vs cfl game threads. 10-6 Argos

I'ts been 16 days and no post from Chief......something tells me this is not good. :expressionless:

Chief in Jail?

I don't think so, I just hope he's not involved with what went down at that NHL preseason game that took place in London.

I hope he didn't take some pain killers and havea a babysitter come over...