TOR @ SSK : Your on-game thoughts

  • Man, Spergon Wynn couldn't throw two consecutive passes if his life depended on it. It looks like he can't think and he can't see what he's doing.

  • Is Kerry Joseph calling the plays here? How come his number gets called this often? It's so predictable.

  • Sask defence seems pretty hot tonight.

ARGOS 17......SASK 3 , in the second Q. :thup:

WYNN threw a 50 yard bomb to BASHIR for his second T.D.

BASHIR , the first punt return T.D. of the year in the CFL. :thup:

The ARGOS are winning with out Williams [he got hurt] , ALLEN , and IVORY in their line up. :thup:

ARGOS 18 , SASK. 3

Looks like Wynn might be gone after that hit.

Trust the Riders to give the first punt return TD of the season... and give up a big play to the same player...

I thought that helmet to helmet hits against the Q.B. was a pen. I guess not?

WYNN , may be out. WILLIAMS will not be back [wrist]

The ARGOS are running out of players. If CROUCH goes down , we will have to use our punt NOEL!

at half time


That hit on Wynn looked devastating.

On the replay, it looks like Schultz also hit Wynn in the face with his foot as he was getting back up.

Ricky Williams done for the game. Certainly doesn't break my heart. Spergon Wynn done for the game. Cheap shot. Helmet to helmet. Please don't try and convince me, rider fans, that the hit was clean. Wynn's helmet went flying immediately after impact, and the only part of the rider defenders body that could have done that was his helmet. Hits to the head on QB's is illegal. Unbelievable that there was no call. Amateurish refereeing at its best again.

Classy move by the riders, however, in surrounding Wynn on the field with their cheerleaders, doing a dance routine, and getting the crowd into it, while the guy is being hauled off in an ambulance 6 feet away. Smith charged with aggravated assault for attempting to spread HIV with unknowing women. The club knows about it but does nothing about it, and lets him continue to play, until the media finds out. Keith charged with aggravated assault and is still their starting back. The riders are all class.

Darnell Kennedy would probably be a better way to go then Crouch right now because of his expierence, but Crouch needs to play to see what he can do.

Now how morbid is that? Wynn is still laid out and a stretcher is being wheeled out. What do the Riders do? They bring out the cheerleader squad and have them dance while Wynn is still unconscious on the field.

Once again, Shivers and company prove how much of a classy, tasteful franchise it is to its fans in Saskatchewan and league-wide. :roll:

Isn’t a hit to the head of a Q.B. at least a pen.?

This is the second time this has happened to an ARGO Q.B. and there was not even a pen. at all.

1st half th4e Rider "D" line played very well' the Rider secondary sloppy as suspected,(KJ) has to roll out



3rd Q

The old trick play, makes the game exciting.

Joseph looked like he stepped out on the three yard line, but the referee didn't want to get killed. Its called home field

Good to see the "D" putting solid pressure on the Argos QB, keep er up boys

Crouch looks like the same as he was in pre=season, throwing behind receivers.

I stand corrected, :slight_smile: that was a great pass by Crouch.

ARGOS 25 , SASK. 10


Crouch has given that offense some zest! Looks good out there, not the most accurate passer but hes looked solid.