Tor@SSK Illegal interference

I'm not contesting the interference call, pulling on the jersey directly from behind to get to a ball is interference whether the ball is passed or loose, as you've shown.

I do think the no-yards is borderline.

...just had to give you a hard time, because you're like Alex Trebek up there: always seem to have the right answer on hand. :wink:

Ok guys, get a room.

How do you know 81Reasons is a guy?

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I think the reason why the illegal interference is not called more often, is that both players are clearly going for the ball. For example: on a fumble, when both players go for the ball and there is banging and pushing, there is no call as both are attempting to reach for the ball.

Where as in this case, it is clear, that the Saskatchewan player is stopping Dorsey from playing the ball in the hopes he will be able to get in better position.

I honestly think the ref made a mistake and totally missed Dorsey touching the ball until after the play was over. Hence the no yards was called.

clearly it was illegal interference... i was mad about it when it happened just because it happens everytime a ball gets fumbled and never seems to be called... but it was the right call.
The no yards, however, was not a penalty, no arguement can argue that it was... the video evidence shows clearly that no one was inside the 5 yards.... no big deal here tho, as it was a meaningless game... would really piss me off to have that called against us in a playoff game

I have grown bored with this topic. To simplify things, the refs should just throw a flag on every play then have one of their infamous 3 minute meetings on the field and discuss what could have, should have and would have gone wrong.

Lets just embrace the flag and make it part of every play. There has to be somebody doing something illegal on evry play so they might as well just throw the flag every play.

Ill remind you of that when you complain about a missed call in the playoffs.

You call it “whining”. I call it “WTF was that” ?!!?

Every team, every game, every ref crew screws up noticeably. I want football to be played.

Ro, To suggest that they should allow tackling a receiver before he touches the ball is taking this thread to an extreme just to try and prove my points wrong. I am not always right. I just feel that the refs make so many calls that are questionable for every team it hurts the game.

Dave Randorf said: I think sometimes we all just feel the refs are over-officiating.

Im not trying to make you look bad, The rule is there and it needs to be applied.
Change the rule, not how its called

My issue isn't just too many flags. It is bad officiating; bad calls and bad no-calls.

Some say: You think you can do better?
My answer would be : Yes.
I don't expect anybody on here to take me seriously and actually believe that I could do better and I will not try out for an officiating job in the future because I have much more important things to do but I will not stop voicing my opinion.

It is a deal. I will change the rule. . . . . . Okay there, changed. It will never be called again.

So let me ask,
Why do you think you would do a better job?
Im not being sarcastic here. What makes you think its so easy to do. You do realise that for just about every call you make, there are those who will say it was a bad call.

You know what I couldn't do better. You know why? Because the refs know something that we don't.

They throw those flags at very convienient times to sway the tide of games. They hold in their back pocket the key to winning and losing.

I am not the only one that believes this. I have heard sports guys talk of it before. We have seen refs go down for betting on games and for making unjust calls.

I now resign all my comments. Ro wins. He knows everything about the rules and is an advocator of them. Enjoy your Canadian Flag League. (that last sentence was a bit harsh)

Its nice to know that you come here to have an adult discussion!

Do you really beleive the integredy of the game is challeneged by the officials? Stop and think about what you just said. If that was the case thgen we might as well stop playing all sports.

I don't watch the NHL anymore. I hate the 30 power plays that are called. I'm mad at Gary Bettman, not the officials. Bettman stated 2 years ago, call penalties tight or your fired.

I watch the officials in my Grandson's game. His Coach thinks they get picked on EVERY GAME! So, the last two weekends, I kept track of the penalties, guess what, the other teams were penalized 3 to ratio more times than we were, yet his Head Coach says they got shafted again. Its all perception.

I agree. The refs are trying to do their best and not trying to affect the outcome of a football game. As fans we almost always view a marginal penalty call as being unfair towards our team. An example is this interference call - a person could review it a 1000 times and still not arrive with absolute certainty what the correct call would have been. Why is that? It's because we aren't on the field seeing what the ref sees and aren't in the position of instantaneously having to decide to throw the flag or not.

The good teams usually are capable of overcoming such iffy penalties so that the outcome of the game is not determined by the call.

Illegal interference on a loose ball does not apply to attempts to recover onside kicks. That's what the rule demonstrated.

I agree with most people on here that the interference call was correct, but the no yards was borderline. But having said that, I have to give the officials a lot of credit on this play. Even tho the no yards call was close, if it takes a technician to freeze frame the tape and it's STILL too close to call, then they called it correct at full speed IMO.

I will also enjoy our Canadian flag league and you enjoy your conspiracy theory to the fullest. pfft..

From Ask The Ref!

Question: What is illegal interference on a loose ball? It was called in the Toronto at Saskatchewan game on Saturday.

Answer: Rule 9 “Interference?, Section 4 “Interference on a loose ball? on Page 62 in the 2007 rule book is very specific:

A player is not allowed to interfere with an opponent attempting to recover a loose ball after a blocked kick, a dribbled ball, a fumble, or a wild snap from centre.

It happened, and the officials correctly flagged the infraction. The penalty is loss of ball at the point of foul.

This rule has been in place in Canadian football at all levels for more than 40 years.