TOR @ MTL : Head to head match-ups

Just for fun, who, in each of these pair, will have the best night tonight?

  • Damon Allen or Anthony Calvillo?
  • John Avery or Eric Lapointe?
  • Eric England (A.C.'s killer) or Ed Philion (Allen's butcher)?
  • Bashir Levingston or Ezra Landry?
  • Noel Prefontaine or Damon Duval?

Winnipeg hoping Montreal hammers the Argo's. Will be good sign of what's to come Monday night, when they play a team from the west.

I hope Mont in all Catagories

Yeah! Montreal AND Winnipeg to hammer the Argos. Let them rats dwell in the basement!

i suspect mont will will all categories excpt kicker.

I sure hope so.

The only catagory I care about is points scored


4 TD passes , 319 yards…and just 1 intercept.

JOHN AVERY…wins , but LA POINT played great.

The Als recievers are dropping to many foot balls, a couple more sticky fingers and the game might of been had...the big als D are strugling....and mathews confidence of his D is showing...Both QB's did there best, Allen's reciavers did a better job, even the mighty Cahoon looked average..