Tor. Ham. About to start 4th Qtr and still no game thread

Everyone must either be tired from watching the Bombers/Riders, or looking forward to the Battle of Alta.

Either way, it seems everyone is paying attention to the REAL Labour Day Classics, and ignoring this game.

C'mon people...its a pretty good game going on here

I'm watching Argos and 'Cats. Not a bad game so far. 'Cats look gooood. Nice interview with KG's dad, though he promptly threw an interception at the end of it. It doesn't matter though as he still playing well.

Lots of chat going on in the TiCats forum.

I just had to have some fun with Blogskee Wee Wee. He was in other threads, slamming the other LD games and claiming that this one was the ONLY LD Classic.

The opportunity to point out that the game didnt even rate a thread was just too tempting.

Glad the Cats are winning, though

What is with the turf at Ivor Wynne? There are spots with big creases that look dangerous if a player tripped on them.

How is it a classic when the city of Toronto doesn't care ! It takes 2 to make it a classic !

It was a sellout so presumably there were some Argo fans there, God bless 'em.

Did Toronto still have a time-out at the end of the 1st half? If so why didn't Barker run the clock down - take a timeout to avoid the penalty and then run the final play to avoid having to punt?

Toronto had already used their timeout earlier in the 2nd quarter.

Thanks for clearing that up for me. As it turned out they should have just run around with the ball to run the clock out rather than attempt the punt.

Having to use your time out earlier in the half often comes back to bite you.

Using 20/20 hindsight it does seem like having Boreham run into the endzone and give up a safety would have been the thing to do. But it is understandable why they did what they did since ST have been an Argos strength this year.

The clock started for the last play with 27 seconds left. That means they had too snap it by the 8 second mark, whether they could have taken a timeout or not. That's too much time to take a chance that you'll be able to run out the whole clock.

I still stand by my belief that the THE Labour Day Classic takes place in Hamilton. I'm willing to concede that the Battle of Alberta is at least played on Labour Day so the title would fit, but a game played the day before cannot have the title simply because it's not played on Labour Day. I notice it's only Rider fans (and maybe Bomber fans, I don't know) who took exception to my opinion. I noticed no Lion or Alouette fans came charging in trying to claim that game was a Labour Day Classic. The CFL's marketing people are the ones who started this whole every-game-played-Labour-Day-weekend-is-a-Labour-Day-Classic nonsense.

If the game isn't played ON Labor Day, how can someone claim it to be a Labour Day Classic? Do the NFL teams who don't play on Thanksgiving get to call their games Thanksgiving Day games?

And as was already pointed out, there was a thread on the Tiger-Cat forum for people to talk about the game.

Are you from Toronto? I know plenty of people from Toronto who care. I don't get cross looks and boos when I walk down Yonge Street or St. George Street or Bat Street wearing my Tiger-Cat jerseys from nobody.

Yeah sorry about that!! I know a few people that do care as well.

I'm used to it by now, so no apologies needed. :lol: When the entire SkyDome boos you (as happened to me at a Rider-Argo game in 2007), guys screaming from cars aren't that big a deal. :rockin:

Wasn't me screaming from the car, I don't drive in the city much. Parking is to expensive I take transit. :smiley:

I did yell at a ti-cat fan last week, but after Monday's game I think I'll stay quiet for a while.

Probably a good idea. Maybe you can get rowdy again when we meet in the East Final.