TOR/EDM Game Broadcast we go. Is anyone else watching the game?

Imw atching but im not hearing any announcers. Anybody know wuts up with that. I mean i can hear the crowd and thie wistles and everythign but no announcers???

The CBC is on strike................and they are using the STADIUM.......speakers.

It sounds great if you turn it up.

ok I understand now. I'll see if i can turn it up without waking up my mother in the room above me. Thanks I wasnt aware that they were on strike.

Wasn't aware they were on strike? Have you been in a cave for the past week? :slight_smile:

It is kinda odd with no announcers. It doesn't make the game worse, but it's not really great either. This is how the game would be live, but it's not really the same. I can tollerate it, but I don't want to watch too many games like this.

NO cave i jsut dont watch any news except sports news lol. So I never knew that they were on strike. Maybe i jsut dont pay enough attention to the TV.

CBC employees are actually locked out.
This is jsut anothe reason the government needs to get out of broadcasting.
$2 billion of our tax dollars go to the CBC. Now they want more.
The CBC is a biased joke. They use tax dollars to compete with private enterprise.
And now the CBC and the CFL look like complete jokes. A broadcast without announcers?
Lord help me, my taxes are paying for this fiasco.

I think the games should be put on TSN until CBC comes back!

So i dont gotta pay no takes really yet. So this dont affect me to much except the game isnt quite as good because no announcers but its still football and i still love it.

Check this out...I have the game on TV and for announcers, I have 630ched on the internet, and there's about a 30 second delay with the TV broadcast being AHEAD of the radio broadcast. :?

Turn of the radio.........and turn up your T.V.

This is jsut anothe reason the government needs to get out of broadcasting.

It's kinda interesting saying that the gov. needs to get out of broadcasting. Your thoughts are valid, and I respect them. so please don't think I'm saying they're not. But everyone used to say that the government needed to get out of the airline industry (Air Canada). So they did. Now people think the government should step in because airline tickets are too high to fly in our own country because they are all privately owned. At least that is how I interpret it. But that is just my opinion. (for what it's worth.)

I'm getting alot of echo with the sound turned up...

oh ,well..............did you see BAKERS TD run?

hey, everyone has an opionion. not saying I know it all
canada's airline tickets cost a lot because of gov. taxes and fuel. Taxes make up 1/2 the ticket fare in a lot of cases
that wouldn't change if the gov owned Air Canada.
Just think - $2 billion of our tax dollars go to the CBC every year. They use that to compete against all other tv and radio stations, recording studios, web sites, etc.
Do we want our taxes to be used to compete against business owners? In effect, those business owners pay taxes to the gov, who give it to the CBC to compete against them
it's crazy
and just like the CBC botched the curling this spring, they're botching the CFL as I type this.

People for years have watched …the OLYMPICS [until now]…NHL HOCKEY…THE GREY CUP…and specials of Canadian stars…


GLOBAL…shows NFL games…and will not touch the CFL…in fact they show very little Canadian programming at all…

CTV …shows very little Canadian programming…but is better than GLOBAL… is…

I have NO problem with the Government using my tax dollars…for allot of Canadian content …and NEWS.

Chewy, if the CBC workers being locked out 'botches' the CFL, well I guess it was never in that good of shape to begin with. The CBC covers one game a week during regular weeks, and the occasional long weekend game - TSN covers far more games during the regular season. I would hardly call this weekend's game one that would contribute to the 'botching' of the CFL.

The CBC is NOT government, and the CBC's budget is less than half of $2 billion a year. Get your facts right.

I agree, I think as long as the CBC lockout continues, I think the CFL should ask TSN to carry the games. The TSN coverage is way better anyways.

Bruce is really good.........I think that Argo fan in the crowd they showed is a dead man.