TOR DC Tim Burke leaves, Casey Creehan to take over

Just a matter of days before the opening of training camp for the 2015 CFL season, the Toronto Argonauts have announced that defensive co-ordinator Tim Burke has resigned.

Burke has resigned for what is being called personal reasons. Personal reasons, without any further information, has in the past been the way in which sports franchises avoid making public the health issues faced by their employees, or the family members of employees. Burke had been the defensive co-ordinator for the Argos since the start of the 2014 season, after having been dismissed as the head coach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Argonauts head coach Scott Milanovich commented, "...We would like to thank Tim for his contributions to our team last year and wish him and his family well in the future." Burke will be replaced as the defensive co-ordinator by inside linebackers coach Casey Creehan.

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Whoa. I hope everything is OK with Tim. Not great to have your DC gone in mid-May, especially when his replacement (Creehan) hasn't had a stellar track record as a coordinator.

Casey Creehan as a DC?????!!!!!!!!!

They'd better pull out the Hamilton game films from 2012.....and watch the defense....

whoops....wait a minute...this is the blew team....

hey.... congratulations on the hire.....

LMFAO :smiley: :lol: :lol: :lol: Alls I have to say is have fun boys with CC calling the shots for your D this year. :roll: :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted:
Remember where you heard it first......This season is going to be one giant cluster f--k in Hogtown this year...Good Luck to them........NOT !!!!!!!! Trust me Creehan is so incompetent that he would screw up a 2 car funeral :smiley: I wouldn't hire the guy to coach a Pop Warner Pee Wee Team. :cowboy:

This looks potentially bad for the Argos, although Creehan may well have learned something in the last couple of years.

As a Cats' fan, I should be pleased. But as a CFL fan, I know balance is best. So in that sense, I kinda sorta hope things work out for the Argos. As long as they don't get in the way of the Cats winning the Cup.

I understand both sympathies and --- X2 :?

If you know your stuff you're only as good as the talent they give you to work with.
So good luck Casey.

In Tim Burkes case it could be health reasons but It sounds more like he is one of the many coaches who have left the Argo's recently like Jason Maas to Ottawa and so on looking for more solid ground to stand on.

It has to be very difficult to hold a job of so many uncertainties that the Argo's have day by day they sound like a franchise that is just hanging on for dear life.

Until Braley gets a solid deal finalized with MLSE or whoever buys the team, the up's and downs of this team will continue. Look at last year players and coaches were complaining of having no practice fascilities or having to hold practices in parking lots??

Coaches and players who have left said the locker room is not a fun atmosphere and have complained about the team.

On the bright side for them, Milanovich is a good coach and Barker a good GM. They drafted well (McEwen, Waud, Norzil, Dillon Campbell) and while Cameron Walker was a bit of surprise in their third round, he is a good player. Unlike the situation when he came to Hamilton, Creehan has had experience with the team and more experience period.

He`s had a good mentor in Tim Burke for the last couple of years, yet worked as a failed defensive co-ordinator in Hamilton (2012) and with Burke holding his hand in Winnipeg (2013).

I doubt he will do any better this season in Toronto.

Not sure how he got to fool so many people.

So he waited until two weeks before camp? Seriously, if you were gonna jump in search of greener pastures, wouldn't you do it when there was some hope of actually finding said pastures? Don't think he'll surface with another team before next season at the earliest.

Greener pastures, or family/health reasons, he's still getting paid. If it's his health, my best wishes are with him. If he's leaving the sinking ship, it's probably in the best for him physically and mentally at this time, since he probably needed to get away from that gong show.

We are not privy to the private goings-on within the blew team's organization. There could very well be a huge differing of opinions with regard to Defensive philosophies between Burke and Milanovich that could not be settled. All I can say now is that the blew team is in a world of hurt.

In Hamilton Casey was very passionate about putting together his defensive schemes and his job as a DC, Casey was a hell of a hard worker and I believe a highly motivational however HC George Cortez was a big thorn in his side interfering about who he was allowed to start if not the regarding the whole defensive scheme

Say what? Why would he be getting paid after resigning?

I was thinking about the number of coaches that have been fired yet were still on teams' payrolls (Paul LaPolice comes to mind) while being "unemployed" when I wrote that.

pw13, you are correct, unless there is a clause in his contract, or the team is somehow helping him out; he resigned, so he is not being paid by the club.

I don't buy it. Creehan was a bust as DC in Winnipeg too, while working for his buddy Burke. During his time in Hamilton, I read a number of stories that mentioned how his coaching style (all scream, all the time) was being tuned out by his players. They didn't respect him and they didn't appreciate being treated like kids.

Discipline and Punish wrote:

"I don't buy it. Creehan was a bust as DC in Winnipeg too, while working for his buddy Burke. During his time in Hamilton, I read a number of stories that mentioned how his coaching style (all scream, all the time) was being tuned out by his players. They didn't respect him and they didn't appreciate being treated like kids."

I came to that conclusion too, Discipline. I found his sideline antics hard to watch as a fan, I could only imagine what the players were thinking.

Remembering this, it only makes me appreciate Orlondo even more.

Yeah, the difference between a true professional like Steinauer and Creehan is night and day.

I'm guessing Creehan never got the memo that the days of Frank Kush and Woody Hayes were long over...

I get my opinions from watching practices. Not from team statistics.
Casey had enthusiasm and the full attention of his pupils.

No screaming at practice. He had the full attention of his pupils

He was a great teacher here. It is easy to spot great teaching.

He saw which players were picking it up. He made the ones who were
having trouble with a drill go back and do it again a few times
He stopped before they get too frustrated.

There is a lot of meaning in the words of the man you quoted in your signature, Sieg

"I coach good players a lot better than I coach bad players." -Mark Nelson

As some coaches say, 'I didn't become stupid overnight.'

That's why so many CFL coaches who get fired because their results
weren't good enough keep getting hired by another CFL GM?


Nobody bought my opinion on what a great teacher Kavis Reed was here either.

Both him and Casey had enthusiasm and the full attention of their pupils