tor/bc trade???

I read a recent article in the Vancouver Sun about the possibility of a Jarious Jackson for Rob Murphy trade. Have searched the chat and cfl sites and have seen no mention of this anywhere.

Anyone else hear or read anything on this rumour? Who would win this trade? IMO this would help fill a glaring need for the Lions O-line, but would BC be willing to start the season w/o Jackson and Pierce in the stable?

sounds win-win to me.

rob murphy has done nothing in a double blue uniform, and the argos need a QB.
the Lions don't really need jackson, with Printers back, and Murphy did have his best years in the Lions system.

I think I saw that on sportsnet. I would like to see Murphy in an Argo uniform for another season, he didn't play horrible last season, but not up the expectations that I had for him or the $195K. Also Murphy is from Buffalo and I believe signed with the Argos cause he wanted to play closer to home. Would be interesting to see if he would except this trade or retire.

EDIT; But if this trade did go through I think I would be happy.

Check out this article from the Toronto Star. It refers to that trade rumor ...

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I would make that trade immediately and for obvious reasons.
Murphy had a horrible first half of the season and overall a sub par year.

IMO this is all good news for the Argo,s . The integrity is clear and fan,s will appreciate it.regardless off the media spin.

yup. argos would definitely win on this one.

If this comes to fruition, am I the only one to see this for what really would be even a new fan?

I call this an inside job and mere portfolio balancing by the owner of both teams David Braley.

No way BC in their right mind ought to do it otherwise. Jackson's as solid as a backup as you will get anywhere in the league.

Murphy's a tool, how many times did he get ejected last season?Same with Belli.Both need to grow up and stop playing like goofs, the point of football is play to win not play to injure.I do however agree that Murphy is a great OL and would probably do well again in BC.If he can stay in the game for more than 5 mintues without cheap pushing or trying to knock a guy out.Saw several times last year where a player from another team went to get up and he shoved them straight back down.Course the refs miss that and throw the flag for the retaliation.

actually, tho I do not want this trade for BC, I recognize that Toronto needs a QB and BC needs Oline help. I think if this trade happens, it will not be due to any lack of integrity on anybody's part. Lack of inteligence maybe, but.....

ya this is a bad trade for bc i think... murphy didnt do much and has a huge contract.. jackson i think with printers injury issues is a good backup qb to have around. he's almost like michael bishop in that sense, maybe not the best starter but can come off the bench and u know throw some long bombs.

i dunno. if im toronto i take this deal in a second, if im bc... i dunno... i think a qb for an import olinemen getting up their in age and not really a dominant import at that.. i dunno im looking for some draft picks.

bc is trading a bench warmer for a brainer for BC, IMO.
Jackson is too expensive to sit on the bench.

Rob Murphy is too expensive for an import offensive lineman that did nothing but get owned last season.

He's making $195,000 a season.

If all BC is asking for is Murphy, then why don't they just give Toronto Jackson for free...

Lions need Murphy Back but he will not go, to far from home, if anything he would go to montreal or hamilton.

I dont want that terd stinking up this city, pass.

Even with murphy at his best, lions o-line will still be weak, which will result in many sacks and increase the chance of injury to Printers, meaning that JJ will be needed.

The writer is just trying to get controversy going here suggesting that it could be related to Braley being the same owner if a trade goes through like this. Fact is, all trades are inside jobs in all leagues in one form or another even if it might look lopsided ie. do us a favour here with this trade and we'll do you a favour down the road where two owners or GM's really get along. The real insides of all trades, all the reasons, joe public really never gets to know.

maybe the lions will cut him if he refuses to renegotiate his contract?...wouldnt be the first time that has happened...montreal traded for gavin walls, then released him when he refused to renegotiate his contract, then after being cut, he agreed to a new deal and signed with the als.

But that's too risky for the lions, they desperately need a tackle. What if they released him and Toronto picked him right back up.

The Alouettes on the other hand could afford to do that with Walls because even if they don't get him they still have Bowman and Stewart as their defensive ends.