Why is there still a Renegades' forum?? I mean-- I'd like to see them back as much as anyone, but, at least for the time being, they've flatlined... so...???

Suspended.....not turfed.....

If you don't like it, don't visit it, it's that simple.

and hopefully, they will remain the Renegades for 2007.

No, KK. See other thread on today's story.

it's a mere question--nothing defamatory :roll:

just cuz the news said that all the groups will not bring the gades name back doesn't mean that that will be the nail in the coffin for them, the league might step in and say you gotta take this name, cuz changing everything again would be too much.

The League “could” do that esp since they own trademarks etc.

But it w/b rather silly for them to force the issue if a prospective owner was dead set against it. It might even be a deal-breaker.

Well, it was one little sign that when the CFL said the team was "suspended," that's what they meant.

Not folded, suspended.

They also kept the Gades logo at the top of the cfl.ca home page with link to website.

And while people initially doubted there was any chance of a return, the BOG meeting in mid-June and striking of expansion committee inc. finding owners for an Ottawa team started to make folks believe that the League was serious.

Little by little, there were more indications that there was in fact interest from prospective buyers and determination by League to get this to fruition. Wright esp wants to leave post as commish with this settled. A better legacy than being remembered as the commish on whose watch the Ottawa franchise was killed off for a second time.

I know with the group with the Rough Rider rights could be convinced to drop the name "Rough Riders" in exchange for changing every thing else about the team (R helmet, etc.)

There has been a case where a pro league has stepped in to change a team's nickname before, the ABA told the Baltimore Hustlers to pick a new name, and they changed to Claws.

They're suspended, but the new owner still must pay a $3.5 million expansion fee, which doesn't make sense.

All about continuity...much better message to send the fine fans in Ottawa: we're sort of in a coma, not dead!

I, for one, am relieved they kept the Ottawa forum.

other fans still want to hear what Ottawa thinks of this season.

to be honest, i haven't followed it much this year...don't think i've watched a quarters worth of football. still a little pissed off at everything that has happened.

Same here.