Moving on and time to look at the 2019 edition. Speculating now that the freeze on signing bonuses is likely the reason the last wave of good available FAs have yet to sign. Okpalaugo and Drake Nevis are going to play somewhere. Jovan Olafioye same boat.

While not as deep as I hope they will be come June, Bombers do have strength in a number of spots. In the secondary I like Brandon Alexander at boundary corner lined up next to Anthony Gaitor. Sayles playing field half, Winston Rose at field corner with Chandler Fenner at cover linebacker. Sounds like Derek Jones has been anointed. All in all, capable with potential given some time, Gaitor, the key guy assigned to the top receivers. Hope they all stay healthy. Chris Humes unproven as a backup.

Still hoping for Abu Conteh and wonder if the Bombers drafted Adeleke instead would he have gotten the chance he did in Calgary. Jake Firlotte is another I hope does well and someone who may open the door to a hugely overlooked source of talent in indigenous populations. Perhaps indicative of not many having a path to US schools or training. Smarter than they look some of them :). Many gifted athletes among them but very few in the CFL.

At LB Adam Bighill is going to be the man. The weight of Winnipeg expectation on his shoulders. Others are saying Kyrie Wilson is an upgrade at WIL and that it is an easy position to fill so all good once again. Wish Shayne Gauthier, Jesse Briggs,and Tom Miles the best in finding increased roles with the team and not related to injury. Bighill goes down and there will be a hush.

Soft spot still at DT that really would be a bad place to try and save money imo. Big part of the job is to keep blockers off Bighill. Nevis and Bryant are a nice sized combination and a no brainer move if the team is serious about competing. Maxx Forde is up from Trent Corney who was never really here.

Comparing 90 yd interception for tds, Oko’s from 2017 graded out ahead of Willie J’s last year but Willie had more. Jeffersons deal seems to be stay at the line and use the wingspan to shut down the boundary side targets, closing once pressure forces the qb out. 34 tackles compared to Jagerd Davis at 59 suggest different strategies rather than ability although maybe Davis is just really good as well.

Noose could be tightened on Lapos neck if the O can’t get going. Andrew Harris, God rest his soul.

Insightful analysis Joe, especially your defense. Still early holes on d-line as you point out. After that the starting lineup seems quite able, especially with Bighill as the big boy pants anchor. Secondary as you’ve set it pretty decent - only problem is a couple of these guys are injury concerns - so depth might be the biggest issue.

On offense - its a pity Plop’s job status will be first questioned if the offense can’t move the ball, at least enough to produce routine wins and minimum 24 to 27 pts. per game average. Can’t blame Plop for Walter’s obvious disability in finding quality import WRs with speed and hands. Adams will be on an island - once he’s shut down - Nichols will be forced to cobble & bobble his dainty + quainty offense - lots of 2 yd swing passes, 4 yd outs, 2 to 5 yd plunges by Harris and Nichols taking his share of sacks (cuz he doesn’t want to risk picks in zero cover) . . . . and of course, a chinese fire drill of both import & national WRs as none of them seem to be able to pop open before Nichols reaches Defcon 4.

Nevis signed. Good move. Wishing him an all star season.

,Nevis is a great signing…Playing along side Jefferson.Jeffcoat and with Bighill in the middle we look to be very solid…IF we could add Solly…LOOKOUT it will be ‘crunch time’ for the opposition…literally

Curious as to which side was the disgruntled party that chose to not make it a 2 year deal. Jefferson on a one year as well puts them back to square one for next year… Better than it was without Nevis for now. His presence makes each of his line mates more effective.

Jeffcoat is still young and Roh will see plenty of time as well. Jake Thomas and Maxx Forde will be better as situational players than every down guys and will make plays and have their moments.

All in decent and coming together on D.

Now, how about a returner? Martese Jackson? Chris Williams?

…Seems that one year deal is or has become the norm…A few exceptions but players seem to prefer the gate to be wide open for an exit…Doesn’t say much for continuity in the league and I think reflects badly on a team…But it is what it is and we have to live with it…just don’t invest any dollars in numbered jersey’s of a favourite player…he might be taking flight at the end of the season

The trickle down result of the revolving door player signings has a bigger negative effect than anyone seems to imagine. Just compare any player today with Stegall. There sure were a lot of 85s sold and probably still are, plus all the paraphernalia. By accommodating the players, we are cutting our own throats. Seems to be the Canadian way. Don’t see too many other countries doing this .

The worlds needs more folks like you Dan.

Your 100% correct.

New theory of why Bombers prolly won’t sign Solomon Eliminiam (aka Solly Bomb Bombs)

Signing him would take another excuse off the table for The Canadian Mafia.

If they sign Solly and the team flops - then the accountability index spikes.

Miller, Walters, O’Shea - at least 2 out of 3 don’t survive

Without Solly - if they go down the tubes then they can extend the mafia with the old rubric about missing a couple key pieces - which will gladly go out and pick up next Tuesday (cred. Wimpy)

Thanks Argo.

Signed a couple of guys to two year deals earlier. Medlock was one. Thought it might be a trend given the CBA being up but plenty of one year deals still being signed. I agree that it does make it harder for the fan to buy in with whoever plays next year.

Would think all time Bomber jersey sales have to be led by 85 by a factor of ten or so. Bighill likely as safe of a bet as there is out there now for someone who will be here for a while. Would think a few Willie Jeffersons will be sold as well. Won’t go wrong with a 33 if you had to pick. Could see that one getting pulled from circulation once AH is finished with playing.

I think it would be interesting to know Bomber store jersey sales numbers but it doesn’t appear to be a priority with the Bombers. Could see Streveler and Nichols numbers closer than they should be given the pay differential.

63 has to be high on the list as well. Can’t say I have ever seen a Medlock jersey other than on Medlock. Less common than Bob Cameron’s 6 in my experience.

Not sure there was ever a chance to reunite Team 100. Signing Nevis likely used up any sms they would have needed for Sol E. Hard not to think it might have been special if they did get it done.

Defence will be serviceable. Holding teams to 24 points could lead to 10 wins. Valhalla with or without a playoff win.

…Well you know the old adage joe…defences win championships…IF that’s the case then we should be ranked high to win it all…A signing of Elimimian would put us over the top…But you might be right about the sms and we might be ‘over-the-top’ with respect to it and that would not be good

Defences do win championships. No arguing there. 2019 Superbowl being all the proof needed.

If the rumour was true that Elimimian was available for a first round pick, I would have him in the Blue and Gold already. Done deal, feeling good about it, and lets see what happens.

Roster would likely need to be tweaked to make it work. Failing finding an effective global kicker to chase Medlock and save money, a compromise that sees a slightly lesser defensive end other than Willie Jefferson on board may be required. Victor Butler perhaps. Okpalaugo could work as well imo. I don’t see the Bombers being interested.

Seems BC ran out of money before the shopping was all done and have a few holes left to fill. DE, OL, kicker, returner all have openings. Expensive QBs can do that. I wouldn’t take a chance of another hole at MLB by letting Sol E go if I could help it although who knows how tight they are to the cap. Gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.

Lions have an opening at receiver as well to go along with Burnham and Carter and I will be curious to see if Hervey and Torrey Hunter have another Duke, Derel, or Bryant Mitchell up their sleeve. Look forward to it if they do. They could go three nationals with Danny Vandervoort, Lamar Durant, and Shaq Johnson but not sure that is the preferred route. All three yet to live up to their draft hype and time ticking.

Possible Bryant Mitchell is back in the CFL before the end of the year as well. Diontae Spencer not so sure.

Spencer might look good as a Bomber. All it takes is money for him if he does return.

33 is the only # I could think of that has any 85 capability but I don’t think it will catch up…I still see Walby jerseys too.

Enduring jerseys in this town:

Stegall, Poplawski, Walby, Dressler, Doug Brown, Harris, Bighill (?)

Never caught on - KD Williams, James West, Chas. Roberts, Tyrone Jones, John Bonk, Bobo McNeil

Too late now but the best bets ever - Leo Lewis, Dave Raimey, Dick Thornton, Kenny Ploen, Herb Grey, Boom Boom Shephard, Fritz Hanson, Gord Rowland, Pepe Latourelle,

Duds - Drew Willy, Matt Nichols, Alex Brink, Ray Jauch, Wad Miller, Max Boot, Troy Westwood, Jim Thorpe/Mack Herron (drugs)

Poplawski and Brown were both top sellers in their day. Plenty of them still at most Bomber home games.

Have to think 21 would garner some attention as well in which ever era you would like to pick from. Dr Kenny Nielson and James Murphy top of the list.

…I have to agree on that top row Lyle…those are keepers BUT I wonder in today’s market, wouldn’t Mini Mack’s jersey get a look with the legalization of weed…I can see it now his number stylized with a marijuana leaf look…Okay I kid …I really liked the little guy back in the day and I thought Lunsford was an ass clown when he gave Herron the boot…Different days in deed,however

Mack Herron is worthy in my book. Nobody did it better in his day. It’s a known fact he got robbed losing the Schenley to Garney Henley. The weed thing was just something people made a big deal and a lot of money off of back then. Judges and lawyers among them.

Toss in a classic Ruoff jersey for good measure.

If you have Raimey; Williard Reaves, Jim Washington, Richard Crump, and William Miller all should be considered for the extended duration of their time as WBB. Awesome players, every one.

And then there is the journeyman. Classics in themselves.

Like Euclid Cummings weekend to remember in Vancouver that everyone wants to forget. Even O’Shea kept his mouth shut on that one.

The Bombers should mint a journeyman’s jersey every year - maybe 100 copies at a bargain rate of $159 vs. the reg. price of $300

Also in conjunction with their statues and walls - perhaps have the B-shop generate special edition jerseys. In addition to the name & number - perhaps a rather unique photo-print embossed onto such garments. Anywhere from 44 to 144 pressed and sold - then thats it.

The one’s I’d want

Dick Thornton #14
Dave Raimey #27, The Knife
Norm Winton #62, The True Journeyman (I might be the only one wanting a Winton jersey)

Other memories of the days of yore jerseys.

Charley Bryant, the NFL speedster, playing out the string in the CFL.
Robert (Bob) “Hoss” Houmard, the human battering ram
Walter Chadwick
George Fleming (the great american running back who also kicked field goals and converts)