Have been looking through the numbers and noticed not one Bomber game came down to a last minute drive for points to win. Most games were decided early one way or the other with 3 or 4 games quite one sided.

Bombers did lose a couple of close ones to Edmonton and BC early and hung on in Ottawa. Not once did it come down to Medlock for the win in what ironically could be his best season to date.

Hearing Lapo garnering more interest from Toronto than BC. He goes and the dominoes start to fall. Many others being mentioned as well though. Tommy Condell is another offensive minded guy in the running.

Good points all Joe . . . .

Bombers dodged a bullet today when PLOP withdrew his name for head coach consideration in TO - - - - bad fit w/ upside down QB situation and while he could have secured a 3 yr guarandamteed $350 to $375k contract he’s not that far behind those numbers in Wpg and he’s not under scrutiny every hour. Took the free plane ride to Toronto, wanted to see how the Argos were conducting interviews, any nuances Bombers could learn for their intake process . . . . WHICH

generally doesn’t attract the best of the best when it comes to coaches, certainly a tag thats dogged the team for players (especially QBs with us ending up with scrap heapers like Kev Glenn, Max Hall, Drew Willy, Drowsy Matt Nichols, etc.)

Now the kleig light shifts from Plop to Bighill. Bomber GM Kyle is devoted to signing the guy and making him the cornerstone of Bomber defense for next 2 years. Really wants Adam badly - but if Adam rebuffs the bombers Walters will shed the Bighill idea like yesterday’s garbage and start focusing on bringing replacement hobos (NFL cuts on their last legs or guys who are super-hobbled by near-career ending injuries)

If Bighill comes back, Plop returns, even with the handicap of Drowsy Matt under centre - I can see the bombers no worse than 9-9, and possibly competing with one or two other western teams for #1/#2 in western conference with anywhere from 10-8 to 12-6 record. But NOT a Grey Cup winning team to be sure!

Lapo knows a good thing. I would think his family is happy.

Will definitely impact the football ops cap but there is no one else that can provide the continuity that we like so much in Winnipeg.

Mgmt falling over each other promising wheelbarrows of money for Bighill. Hope they keep a little to give him someone to play with and would go out on a limb and say Loffler getting the All Star designation again comes at a very good time for landing him a juicy raise. It will be very tough to sign both Bighill and Loffler, never mind Santos Knox. Other teams are just as challenged though so who knows.

Hopeful Bombers can add Justin Herdman with all the chaos going on in TO. Attraction is based as much on the play of his brother in BC. Hometown boy with upside. Should have been drafted.

…Chaos in T.O. has led to the hiring of Chamblin as hc…Don’t know at this time if that is good or bad…Also TSN radio reporting that Claybooks has signed on with the Leo’s as head coach…Dominoes starting to fall…

When all the chips have fallen and slid thru the cracks Bombers annual scavenger hunt will resume - - -

Michael Benevides would be a slight upgrade over the chronic elasticity of Richie Hall as defensive coordinator.

Probably need a better special teams coach - although if Benevides comes aboard that rules Jeff Reinbold out as the Bombers would be hard-pressed to have 2 high fake energy guys on the sideline. Actually, I can’t believe how Reinbold has survived and stolen cheques for nearly 20 years in our league!

Benevides should find work but very unlikely to be in Winnipeg. Jordan Younger will be your man if Richie has had enough in what would be the latest of a series of poor choices. Bombers are not keen on outsiders.

I would be looking to Edm for FA receiver help. Duke, Walker, and Bryant Mitchell all in play. Between them and the Calgary leftovers players are there. Bombers are definitely in need of improved production from their import receivers. Some of that is likely on Nichols.

With all the guys you mentioned Joe look for the Bombers to scrap-heap the worst guy in Calgary as their next so-called SUPERSTAR WR - still not good enough. . . .

Look for Nichols to continue struggling next season - maybe only 1 out of 3 games yield 300+ yds.

You also understand bombers are a closed shop so look for their DC hire to come from within (Younger) if Richie calls it a day . . . .

As per Nichols - slightly above average CFL arm, inability to stretch or extend the pocket, a 2 quick read kind of guy then either yields to sack or tosses the pigskin out of bounds, loping is his top gear. When he struggles even 4 to 6 yd check-off or swing passes are difficult. Should have no more than a 4 game window after his disgraceful outing in the western final vs. Calgary - but knowing our McStubborn organization he’ll get 8 to 10 games, if not more, before they have to call the “Matt Meeting”

…My take is that O’Stubborn will be a little more impatient with Nichols next year…IF he sees the type of play that Nichols came up with, in a number of games this last season, then I think he inserts a ‘little more’ seasoned Streveler and more readily…The boo birds will be out in force if the team looks like any type of regression is rearing it’s ugly head…After 27 yrs. and counting the patience in the Peg has worn pretty thin and evaporated…It’s going to be interesting if we can advance and take the next big step …For a lot on this team, they better hope that’s the case

Not sure what the actual number is but Nichols is our man for the next two years at somewhere close to $500,000 per.

Too much money not to play well and way too much money to sit on the sideline. Best route is to deny that he is playing poorly and pretend it is all in the plan.

Reality is Flat Matt is a giant roadblock for Streveler and it has to be Matt’s team for the plan to work.

Kind of snookered themselves but deny that as well.

I say O’shea has already been extended and they just didn’t announce it. Bombers mgmt all off getting ready for Christmas. Meanwhile Ed Hervey hasn’t slept since the season ended.

Nice to see JFG extended. 7 years is getting to be a good career. Made a real nice play in the GC.