Winning record.
I know it passes some rider fans off...but it's great

The Alouettes are so bad that we can leave a bunch of pts on the field and play sloppy and inconsistent - and still pound them.

Darian outplayed by Shiltz seems fitting, me thinks. I give the Riders a solid B today. We have great depth.

We played like crap. We can not take those kind of penalties and poor play into the play-offs, if we do, we do not make it past round 1. This team has gotten a bit cocky and it showed... they better settle down and start playing football. Good to win, but we should of hammered this team, we did not!! JMO

There’s plenty to clean up, mostly concentration issues. Don’t show boat before you hit the End zone. Penalties were rediculous. Our d is a bright spot for sure.

They have the talent just need some experience I think

Some tweaking here and there and the Roughriders may well be making a trip to Ottawa. Great to see the way Chad Owens is playing. This guy is playing possessed! His drive and tenacity is clearly rubbing off on his teammates. It's great to see!

They did hammer them
No...they did not play a superb game...but they still hammered them

It looked like the Alouettes were playing for their jobs, which explains the amped up effort from them. We were sloppy and lazy at times and cocky at times for sure. Gotta exorcise that garbage outta here

I thought for really giving a fair bit of reps to different people they showed well. Bladek seemed to play very well and IMO should be starting. Bridge and Bagg are not on the same page. Bridge forcing into triple coverage passed me off...ni reason for it. TR was great but ffs...ypu need to rush the odds time on 2nd and 3. If they mixed some of that in I would likely be pretty happy with the o

Well.. one job is available. I know Lewis was considering making this his last game beforehand...a chance to play one last one in front of family...he gas officially retired.

Agree about the running game Depop. Not sure where Richardson is at in terms of his conditioning. He seemed winded at times out there. He's still that big bruising back we need and they should try to fit him and Marshall in if they can.

I'm interested to see what they'll do once Roosevelt returns. Owens has been playing well and is really an asset on those fly sweeps which I can see them running those more as the weather takes a turn. Maybe bench a special teamer in place of Owens? Don't really want to see Holley benched either.

I'm thinking the first one to sit will be Grant. That's maybe the madest I've seen Jones since he got here. To top it off, they go right back to him there first play of next possession and he drops it cleanly. Rosie in and Grant out, at least for the Esk game IMO. No way Owens isn't starting the rest of the way.

Grant has been stellar all season and absolutely clutch. I don't see one bad game getting him sat.

Class act Nik Lewis. Despite his age and his (not so lean) build he was always a gamer and a contributor. Wished we had him on our roster over the years.

I agree he's been stellar. Just think Jones is going to make a statement next game, IF Roosevelt is ready to go. He was some kind of red face mad after the Grant thing.

Someone must have given Coach Jones some meds right after the game, lol - because he was calm and complimentary toward Grant at the HC presser, but as you said he looked like he was going to throttle him when it happened on field.

Wouldn't surprise me that Jones told Grant to apologize on twitter and act like a team player vs acting like a diva.

Yeah they (coaches) have their hands full putting together a playoff roster...in a good way that is. What a nice change to have such talented depth! I don't see the "odd-man out" of the receiving core being Grant either. He was been much too consistent and dependable all year. Not sure what happened on the fumble at the 3, but it really did look like he simply had a "brain-cramp" and thought he was already in the end zone. Sure didn't look like he was show-boating, and from what I've observed all year, show-boating doesn't seem to be his thing.

Oh he was showboating alright. Grant slowed down to 'strut his stuff' into the end zone. Totally ignorant of where the goal line was due to his eagerness to selfishly get himself some highlights on video. He pretty much said same himself on twitter. I'm glad it happened in a game we were already on track to win, but it does concern me a bit about our lack of mental focus at times.

Fundamentals of this game don't change. Catch the ball, run the ball, throw the ball, kick the ball, tackle the guy etc. The dimensions of the field don't change either. It's the stuff bouncing around in a players head that makes them forget some of this basic stuff. With the Grant thing last night it's such a personally and publicly EMBARASSING and incompetent thing to do - that it usually corrects itself in that player right away. Doesn't take much coaching, lol.

Bring on Edmonton and Go RIDERS!

I think he just got excited in the moments and lost his concentration, luckily no harm done. No big deal, i’m Sure he’ll be on the field next game

Agreed with Icon, that blunder of Grant at 3 yrd line corrected itself, within himself, right then, right there, and right now, and for the rest of his life. Never going to see him take a play that casual ever again. Would you. Something that got taught the hard way lasts a lifetime. Kinda embedded with flashing lights, completely surounding the brain, lol.

Public self-humiliation is the best coach