After 10 games this year:

Our overall won-lost record: .500

Our home record: .500

Our away record: .500

Our record when Masoli starts: .500

Our record when Collaros starts: .500

I'm gonna go out on a limb here with some statements:

(1) Most of us are probably happy about the "away" and "Masoli" stats.

(2) Most of us were probably looking for a bit better for the "home" and "Collaros" stats but understand that Zach had to shake off some rust.

(3) Most of us probably won't really be happy unless the "overall" stat starts to improve and sits above .500 by the end of the year.

I agree with you, ExPat.

I think it was silly that for some posters, Masoli went from being a goat who needed to be fired, to a hero of epic proportions, to a goat again. I think he did a pretty good job overall.

Equally, I think expectations for Zach's return were not realistic. He's done well for a guy who missed almost a whole year.

I'm satisfied with where we are at this point. I anticipate a better than 500 record the rest of the way. By how much I don't want to speculate.

I for one am quite confident that with a .500 record and 8 gms to go that this team will hit double digits in the win column once again for the 3rd time in 4 seasons since Austin came to town. As I said in another thread this team will finish up no worse then 11-7 or even possibly better this season. After our visit to BMO we have the two bottom feeders next up first Mtl then Sask and should be looking at a 4 gm winning streak . Realistically this team should be sitting at an 8-5 mark when the Stamps come to town for gm 14. I say that we lose once again in a squeaker to Calgary and finish off with a split in the home and home with Ottawa and home victories against the Eskimos and Alouettes to wind up 1rst in the East at 11-7 on the season.

I think we are over-emphasizing the whole year thing for Zach, in that a big chunk of that year was off season. He has actually missed a bit over a half-season in games hasn't he, excluding play-offs, over a full year? Granted that is a long interval, but he was no doubt able to do some upper body stuff and attend film, practices, and meetings. Even as a spectator and observer.

And, really, Zach has not as yet played a full 18 game schedule in the CFL. So, although this is his third season, he has not played anything like the 40 or so games that a guy like Mitchell has played. Maybe that's where are expectations are too high. Physically he looks great, is playing great, but is still making a few mistakes IMO that come from lack of experience and playing time. I think that with Zach and Jerimiah, we are sitting pretty, certainly in the East compared to Toronto and Montreal.

Good points. I agree with you.

Zach missed 6 games + 2 playoff games last season and 6 games this season. That adds up to most of a season in my books (12-14 games) or at the very least 2/3 of a season if playoff games are omitted. Yes much of his recovery was in the offseason but he still missed significant playing time

I do like your point that he has not yet played a full season and people wondered last year why he was not getting pulled when the team was well ahead to give the backups some reps. I think the reasoning there was that Austin still wanted to give Zach all the snaps because it was just his second year with the team and he had missed a number of games in his first year. I had no problem with him not being pulled, and frankly was rather surprised when he did get taken out of the Saskatchewan game (I think) when the team had a healthy lead.

I'm not sure what kind of crazy expectations people must have had.

So far this year he's had 14 TD passes, and is on pace for 42, which prorated over a full season would be 63 TDs!

To put this in further context, only two QBs have thrown for more TDs this year, Mitchell and Reilly, both have thrown 17 TDs in 10 games...

He had 15 TDs two years ago in 13 games, 25 TDs in 12 games last year.

So far this year he's had 1510 passing yards and is on pace for 4530 yards!

He had 3261 yards two years ago in 13 games, 3376 yards in 12 games last year.

So if anyone has had expectations beyond what he's done, I strongly suggest that they should enter drug rehab....

1.000 (3-0.. soon to be 4-0) against the East though!

I don’t think anyone has been disappointed with Zach’s performance. I think people have been a little surprised that the defence (at times) and special teams have slipped so much from their dominance of recent seasons. If those units could be more consistent and the offence plays like it has been, we’re looking back at .500 in the rearview mirror.

The Ticats have been around a 500 team with Austin, and they continue to be one. They aren't a top team, and after this display, you have to wonder if this coaching staff can make them one. The defense has been terrible since the last half of last year, yet people talk about Orlondo being a genius, when really, his job should be on the line.

They have only played 2 complete games all year. I don't know what happens at practice all week, but they never seem ready to play. The same issues arise week after week -- penalties, turnovers, slow starts....

They start game after game down 10 -- 20 -- 25 points. They refuse to run (even when it works, like today). They let a QB who hasn't played in 2 years make them look bad, even though they should have known his skill set better than anyone.

The Defense is bad, the O-line is bad, and their preparation is poor. 500 might be wishful thinking.


I've always been an Austin and company supporter but I'm starting to think you're right. All your points are bang on Tommy Boy and I don't believe we are a serious Grey Cup contender or even a real threat to Ottawa to win the division!

A third rate team in a second rate division. Thank goodness we have Montreal strggling like they are, or I am afraid we would be fourth. I can't remember being so disappointed by a team's performance. I can accept a loss after a solid game, but these half-assed efforts are ridiculous for a professional team. There is definitely something lacking.

Watching Zach yesterday I was wondering if he was hurt again. He really did not look like his former self. :frowning: :frowning:
Re the players: we know that some of the team regularly tweet to former players to come back to Hamilton. Is it because they think they've got a cushy number here or are they sincere about liking to play in Hamilton?

Agree with most of what has been said in this post and I am starting to question Austin's ability to prepare a team.

So where does our 500 team rank?

I see the rankings in groups as follows:

Calgary / B.C.
Winnipeg / Ottawa
Toronto / Hamilton
Montreal / Saskatchewan

On the season projection post, i was predicting Hamilton at 10-8 with 11-7 possible with some luck, or 9-9 possible if unlucky. With the Toronto loss, that puts me back to 9-9 and possibly 8-10. Unless we get some improved defence, both strategy and execution, the 8-10 or worse is looming large.

Should be able to get by Montreal and Sasketchewan, but that leaves them 3-4, the rest of the way, and a split with Montreal would leave them 2-5. That’s 7-11 on the season, definite cross-over country.

I once said that I could live with a re-build year if it meant a solid foundation for the next several. Maybe it is time to start bringing in some DBs for 2017 auditions? Third place is looking very realistic at the moment, especially with Toronto making some moves for a run.

I still think Hamilton will finish 2nd in the East and possibly knock off Ottawa and win the grey cup.

Their season, in my mind, started when Zach came back and he's coming off a long layoff. They'll get it together and get on a roll.

Question is, who gets on a roll first - Hamilton or Ottawa?

What is everyone smoking here, 'cause I sure would like to get some....
Tell me I sound like a broken record - but it is no coincidence that the games we do win, are the ones where C.J. gets 20+ carries, and 100+ yards.

Can anyone explain why Gable only carried 6 times the entire game?
We were leading at half-time, and arblows were not doing anything spectacular, until they decided to give it to their RB, who ran for 2 TDs.

Am I the only one dreaming here, or will we live and die by the pass?
I think the answer is pretty clear....

The Eagle - :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Gable has 91 carries on the year through 11 games. I don't think he has had 20 carries in a game yet - perhaps ever in his CFL career. I would produce a link to prove it but the CFL's Gable stats page has been broken for some time now.

For the record, if it were true, that is a commonly misapplied stat: "When the RB carries X times, his team generally wins." Most TV commentators say this regularly can't seem to grasp the correlation vs causation idea. Imagine if winning were so simple!

It should be re-phrased like this: "When teams are winning, they tend to hand off a lot more to kill the clock and the RB therefore ends up with a lot of carries."

OK, rant over. I agree they should probably hand off more when it's working. Though probably not when it's not working.

My mantra for years! Couldn't have said it better.

Agree, and it's much easier to run the ball when the opposition isn't sending half of their defensive players at the OL and the RB. Gable had more opportunities to run with the ball when Stubler chose to just rush 3 on Labour Day. That wasn't the case on Sunday.