Well that's it, 2015's in the books. Can't help but think of what might have been. Really thought 2015 was our year. I guess that's why it's a little hard to take. But thanks to the players and staff who played and coached hard and were really only one play away from the Grey Cup.
It will be an interesting off season. Seeing who returns, who goes, and who comes in. And how Zach returns from injury.
The sporting events that I'll be watching until the 'Cats return will be the World Junior hockey at Christmas and the first two rounds ( the weather isn't really hockey weather after that) of the Stanley Cup playoffs.
So here's hoping all have a good off season and that we'll be back next year for another shot at Lord Grey's mug!
OSKEE! :smiley:

Cats always like the long term plans but what we saw this year is anyone can turn it around and go from the botto to the top.

Agree TiGuy - it did seem that 2015 was our year with the way that Zach was playing, even with the injuries that were sustained before the season began and early in the year. I do look forward to 2016 which will hopefully be a healthier season for most of our team as they take another run at the GC. I hope to see a healthy Zach and most of our starters in the lineup when we play Ottawa. That will be a truer test of the "best in the east". Yes, it definitely should be a VERY interesting off season.

I hope the schedule is a little more balanced next year. I don't want to wait until November to play Ottawa again.

nothing wrong with playing a team back to back to close the season

Really looking forward to next season. It could be the year of the Cats!!! I hope we destroy Ottawa and get some redemption for this season. Ottawa could very well be the new rivalry because it just isn't the same with the blue team. Cheers to all you diehards on this forum and all true Ticat fans.

The best fans in the CFL!!!!! :rockin: