Well a tie is pretty good I guess for a pre-season game..Had to listen to the game on CJOB like probably all the other bomber fans did..Now If we can just pick up a win on the 16th here in the peg [ain't going :frowning:]..we should be set for the season! :smiley:

You are correct, my friend.

But I suspect they know, they're just too horrified to admit it.... :wink:

I think the Esks have gone 0-2 in the pre-season the last four seasons so who really gives a flying f***..........

pre-season is not an indicator of any sort.... except to coaches who want to have a good look at recruited talent ....you also try different tactics in these games you wouldn't otherwise try......hoping it all works out but seldom does....the only nightmarish things, in these games, is to lose a starter .....but that unfortunately is part of the game... the stuff that really counts is on June 22...and in the case of the big-blue June 25 in Regina....GO BOMBERS :!:

What ever........we will see.....and I did write that he would be back. :smiley:

Wake up! It’s pre-season and all that means is the oppotunity to evaluate personnel. That’s all. If you think it’s anything else and therefore justifies saying we “suck”, you obviously don’t have a clue.

As far as the Esks being a team of “stars”, the only place I’ve seen that is on here. I don’t hear or see anything like that here in Edmonton. We are confident to be sure, and why shouldn’t we be?

Yeah you will see. I'm curious about the information you use to form your opinions? Was there any thought or deductive reasoning that went into the process? "Whatever", now that's a clever response. I'm really convinced that you know what you are talking about. Since you know so much about the CFL why don't you enlighten us on why you posted that?

Yeah… The Esks confirmed Ray woulnd’t be playing during the preseaon. Doctors estimated the recovering time to 10-12 days.

I was at the game and the score line was no where near indicative of how Edmonton played, when the starters were out, then simply dominated Winnipeg. Kevin Glenn had nothing going.

[quote="EskJebus"]Also for the record, the Esks flubbed up the snap on the convert after the touchdown which I've never seen happen before, so technically the Esks won.


Also, more Edmonton drives were stopped by penalties than the Bomber defense. The game didn't look as close as the score indicates...

The esks technically won the game. I hear there is going to be a trophy this year for most technical wins :wink:

Claiming that more drives were stopped by Edm penalties that the defence has got to the all time high in low for excuses.

Personally I could care less if we won the exhibition game or not. I hope the coachs saw what they needed to see to make decisons on personnel.

As far as making excuses, well, I was at the game and that's not an excuse it's the truth. Winnepeg could not move the ball past the Eskimo 40 yard line in the first half. Their drives kept getting extended because of penalties taken mainly by import newcomers learning what they can and can't get away with.

You want to call that an all time low? Go ahead, the Bomber team I saw on Friday night was a training camp team that couldn't move the ball. Plain and simple. Let's wait for the reg season, I'm sure they will be better.


Hold on a sec maybe Im misunderstanding.
I understood that Eskjebbus said that more Edmonton offensive drives were stoped by edmonton penalities than the winnipeg defence. You are sayin that the Winnipeg offence was extended by Edmonton penalties I didnt see the game so I dont know which is correct or if both are.
Which is correct?
The low I was refering to was saying "WE would have won if WE didnt have so many penalties"
Its kinda like saying We would have won if we scored more points.
Do you follow what I am trying to say here?

Anyone who was at that game or listened to it on radio, could tell you it was filled with miscues and penalties on both sides, it was not a well played game by either squad. The bombers had just as many big plays called back because of penalties as the Esks did. A tie was fitting.

I would agree with that.

The Blue didn't dress Stegal, Brown, Flemming or Roberts. The guy that knocked Ray out of the game was cut. In fact the blue played more rookies then Edm. The only reason Glenn even played was because Tee Martin was nursing a minor injury. Edm is a strong team for sure. Even with Jones at QB they look real good on paper. However I get the impression that most Edm fans are acting like Wpg brought there starting line up to the game. Think again. If Roberts had been playing it could have been worse for the Edm D-line which is not that good in my opinion. The Bombers secondary will be alot better this year, and the O-line looks like they want to get some respect back. I also believe that Glenn will not be the starting QB for long. Wynn and Martin are trying to get noticed. Droped balls hurt the blue the most in the first pre season. The blue will be looking at speed in receivers like Wane Mcgarity, Vinny Sutherland. Something they lacked last season. It will be a good one on thursday in the Peg.

That’s your impression. I haven’t seen anything written that would indicate that. I agree with your assessment that Roberts will cause us some problems. He’s one of the premier backs in the league. I really don’t know what the ratio of rookies was on each team and to be honest it really doesn’t matter. So we had a couple less, big deal. I consider players that have had thier cup of coffee in the NFL and are here now to be very close to being rookies as well. They need time to learn the game and the difference in the rules. Again, it was only pre-season and I think you would agree that we will get a much better idea about both teams in a few weeks when the Bombers come here looking for 2 points.


I am also very interested to see if the Bombers are in fact converting to a run offence. If Roberts carries the ball 20+ times per game, Look out. I don't care what QB we are facing. They won't get production if we keep the offence off the field. Add Regimbold (Another Mike Sellers) and Keith Stokes and that is a good Trio.
Commit the Db's to move up to play the run and then down town we go. Let's keep the faith... GO BOMBERS