Easy Kanga, if nothing else it will give the bombers some much needed confidence. The rematch in winnipeg should be very interesting and a real measure of how the bombers can compete.

Don't get too confident there.

The Eskimos played their 4th string QB and almost an entirely a rookie offense for the last 25 minutes of the game.

But I do agree that the Bombers won't be a pushover this year.

oh, all of a sudden people are opening their eyes…the rest, just keep taking us lightly, and for last place, :arrow: we like that…eskJebus, I don’t think the BOMBERS had their first string guys out there either…just a preseason lineup on both sides of the ball…Kanga just for the record the Esks had to come from behind to tie us.

Also for the record, the Esks flubbed up the snap on the convert after the touchdown which I've never seen happen before, so technically the Esks won.


Also, more Edmonton drives were stopped by penalties than the Bomber defense. The game didn't look as close as the score indicates...

EDIT - and there's still no reason to believe the Bombers will do better than 4th or 5th in the West.

Well, I was happy with the score until I read in between the lines. To my understanding, Ricky Ray was tearing our defense apart until Marcus Jones took him out of the game. Also, it said on the CFL site that we posted under 200 net yards in the game. I realize we had a lot of second stringers out there last night, but bear in mind that we're relying on a lot of these guys to step up for us this year. To my knowledge, McGarity, Kamau, and Breedlove did a whole lot of nothing for us out there tonite. The good news though, the O-line played well and we still managed a tie against a good football team. Just as a side, the Free Press came down hard on Glenn last night for those two interceptions he threw, but I heard on the Bomber post game show that the receivers bobbled the catches. Keep your head up Glenner, you're still #1.

I wouldn’t get to excited about pre-season football. There are so many rookies and non-starters playing it isn’t a good barometer of what will really happen. It’s like getting excited in hockey because your farm team won.


Where does that leave us?

With depth at QB, receiver,D-line, defensive secondary positions, and a bolstered defense.

Really, aside from a few discipline issues and the costly penalties taken mostly by rookies who probably will be cut by Monday, I'd say this is a very strong Eskimo team.

Much improved from last year's 9-9 squad.

If any of you people think any of the pre-season games mean JACK...You're baked. They don't mean a stinkin thing. Didn't Calvillo play like only ONE play ? Hervey, and Sanchez didn't even dress in E-Town. You may all want to relax with the whooping it up, or doom, and gloom. According to the sked, the season starts on June 22, in MTL.

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the esks will win the next game just watch when ricky ray blows out the crowd 8)

first of all, JJ is not the esks 4th string....from whats been going on, JM will probably go to IR, and KJ will go 3rd or even get cut. JJ is in his second year, and he's better than 4th string.

im baked right now and eveon i know

jj looked great and i could no care less about the score of a pre season game

half the players in the pre season games will be cut before the real season starts.

Wiinnipeg probably wont win or tie too many games this yr so go ahead
and celebrate boys. :slight_smile:

Stalig can dance and chug to his hearts content.

RAY, is injured and might not be playing for some time! 8)


If you had even a partial clue, I'd be amazed. There's no ligament damage. It's more or less a sprain. When he went to the dressing room he was walking fine. He'll probably start in WPG. He will definately be starting here on the 24th.

Your fantasies, are not our realities.


P°§° Çãlgãrý, ýøu štïll šuçk.
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RAY, hyperextended his knee, and if he's not back next week, he'll be back for Game 1.

And he will be rusty and a little gun shi , maybe…If he bounces back well , in the first game of the regular season…THEN that will be something great. :smiley:


I get the impression that most people have no idea how good Ricky Ray actually is.

he hasnt been in a game for a year...i dont expect him to do well, but he probably will anyway.

Actually KK they don’t give a good picture of what is going to happen. Do you honestly think because Ottawa beat Montreal that Ottawa is going to finish ahead of Montreal this season?

What they do show is how well each teams back-ups are playing and what they are really for is to give the coaches a better picture of who to keep and who to cut.