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I've noticed that the Stamps are wearing a special sticker on their helmets commemorating # 55 (John Forzani) who passed away last fall. I was wondering if the Ticats could do the same for # 61 John Barrow (one of the best DL who ever played the game) who passed away :cry: on February 17.

I know it is a little late - that this sort of honour should have started in training camp - and, that this might be not the proper forum for making such a suggestion, but it is better late than never and I think this suggestion will get noticed by the team in this thread (and I am not too sure where to make the suggestion other than here anyway). Besides I noticed the team is honouring # 68 Angelo Mosca next Saturday and he was "his partner in crime" with John Barrow as the most feared DL duo of their time.


I agree 100% with your suggestion.

Yes, agreed #61 would be a great memory to wear in honor of the recent late great John Barrow. Maybe they can also wear the throw back jersey's and helmets of the day, looked pretty cool.

I also like the idea of occasionally wearing the throw back uniforms of Tiger-Cats, Wild-Cats etc.


polite 'bump' so my suggestion has a better chance of being noticed. :wink:

another polite "bump" as I would hope something could be done for Saturday's game for John Barrow. It would be appropriate as CKOC back in the early sixties used to do "fight" songs for the team. They had a DJ pretend to be doing interviews of players with the players response being done by one or two lines of a popular song of the era. It was a really quite imaginative use of music (this was well before You Tube kiddies).

Anyway for the 1963 or 1964 Grey Cup game against BC they used a song sung with the music to Battle Hymm of the Republic, which went like this "Tom Brown's body lies a moulderin' in the grave, and Barrow marches on". Since Brown was a Lion it would be "good" Karma to begin to honour John Barrow on Saturday.


I appreciate your dedication, but at this point it seems as though you're forcing the idea on people.

Also, if you think forum posts are where the team looks for ideas, well, I just don't know what to tell you.

You don't operate the team, so obviously the image in your head of how things should be will never be matched.

At the risk of offending my 'nemesis' :roll:, another 'polite' bump seems in order. :wink:

In 1967 John Barrow was voted "lineman of the century". Honouring his memory (due to his passing) seems to long overdue :frowning:

As Bob Young posted on the site earlier today (see the parking thread) he obviously reads these posts, so yes, I do believe it might have an effect. The fact that nothing has been done so far does not diminish my passion about this subject.

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It is difficult to retire #'s in the 50's and 60's because O-Linemen must wear these #'s to show they are ineligible receivers.
So having # 68 gone makes it even more difficult to retire #61.

[url=https://cfldb.ca/rulebook/scrimmage/player-restrictions/#r4s5a3]https://cfldb.ca/rulebook/scrimmage/pla ... ns/#r4s5a3[/url]

If you read the OP, mfth is not asking for Mr. Barrow's number to be retired, just for a commemorative "61" sticker to be worn on the back of the helmets for a season, similar to what the Stamps are doing in memory of John Forzani (#55).