The premiere shut down corner.!!

I Didnt even know Carter was playin till garbage time.

Whoever gets covered by Breaux sure doesn't usually do well.

I'll enjoy watching him play for this team while I can. I understand that he'll be a free agent after this season and that NFL teams are interested in bringing him in.

The Breaux Show is the #1 rated show on TV.

:cry: :cry: why bring that up :cry: :thdn:

Rico Murray and Brandon Stewart also had a solid game. Let's not forget the work of the front seven that help in hurrying things at their end.

Meantime, enjoy the fun of watching our secondary shutdown some of the best in the league. It's been a while since we're had a show like this!!!!!!!

Lol, I know what you mean ryan. I think it says alot about the talent level we have here in the CFL that some "overlooked" players can prove themselves up here and get noticed by the so-called "best" pro football league. Of course, there are quite a few Heisman-Trophey winners (cough cough Troy Smith cough cough) that couldn't make it up here... lol

There's a reason why his initials are "DB".

I say he isn't using his actual given first name of "Shutdown". Some parents are mean when they name their kids (A Boy Named Sue, for example) and some are prophetic. Looks like "Shutdown"'s parents fall in the latter and not the former category.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Just because teams are interested doesn't mean he will necessarily get a shot (no knock on his ability of course!) - although if he does I will be watching whatever team he is playing for. Like Hickman, if his opportunity doesn't pan out or last I'm sure he'd come back to the team that gave him his opportunity to play professionally.