Has anyone heard any more about Steelback coming?

And Since Kanga has BC Place Demolished....maybe Braley will move the Lions to Ottawa soon...... :roll:

Lets not bring up that rumor here, shall we?

D'Angelo has been silent since he got his meeting with League.

League has cone of silence on internal issues so no one knows who they've been considering as owners or what, if any, progress has been made.

I think issue will be part of BOG annual meeting next mth.

If D'Angelo is turned down, I'm sure he'll let everyone know.

Initially, I thought he was intriguing. But his self-promotion not to mention his habit of going thru the media when his interest should have gone thru League channels and done quietly, made me cool towards him. The more he issued his own press releases and started designing uniforms or wanting to talk to the mayor about a team he didn't own, all kinds of warning bells sounded.

I think there is genuine goodwill among some of the teams to restoring football here. Tom Wright, Bob Young, Larry Smith, Keith Pelley have more or less said the same thing. They want it done right as opposed to done fast. I also think they'd get support from Ted Hellard as well as Ssk and Wpg.

But there's been so much damage done to the franchise in 20 years and folding/being suspended twice in a decade means everything will have to be done as close to perfect as possible.

If not Eugene Melnyk, then a very close clone w/b ideal solution.

I still hold out hope they'll be back. But if it's for '07, League will have to have something in place not much later than August 1.

I hear you, sobrien ... the more Deangelo trumpeted himself, the less I liked him ... I really don't like the thought of him coming in and renaming the team after his beer. I doubt very much that he is what the Renegades need. The Renegades need a competent owner that is interested in the success of the football team ... Someone like Young, Cynamon, Hellard, etc. More than a winning team, Ottawa needs a very strong owner, and the fans need to know this. Young made it known to the Hamilton fans that he would be a strong owner, when he came on board. Melnyk would bring instant credibility to the Renegades, and he's a big name to boot.

I just really, really hope someone comes up for 2007, so that we can move on with 9 strong franchises and look to finally adding that 10th.

People on this board are deluding themselves - as usual.

Same as when there's that talk about expansion to Halifax, Quebec City, etc....ain't gonna happen, ever.


...at least, not in our lifetimes.


Simple enough, I'd say.

Grandgalop, you are completely wrong. I was in Hamilton before that club was turned around, and the same things were said about Hamilton and Toronto as you're saying about Ottawa. Look at where those clubs are now.
I now live in Ottawa and attendance for the Renegades as they were collapsing was far higher than it was for the Ticats when they were collapsing. Ottawa just needs competent ownership/management and the fans will come back just as they did in Hamilton and Toronto. The fans here aren't asking for a winner, they just want an organization that isn't embarrassing.

A few years ago Hamilton and Toronto were getting 15,000 at home games, when they were winning Cups and making the playoffs every year. The Gades were getting 20,000 while never even close to being a contender. To say there's no interest in CFL football in Ottawa is simply innacurate, uninformed, and you have no clue what you are talking about.

No, not simple. Simplistic --- and dead wrong.