[b]Sorry Kanga, but I'd stick to the red. It's a flashy colour. Other than CGY, red is a great contrast to the helmet colours in the West. BTW, it's the league that picked the colours. Not the divisions themselves. So the red west shield has nothing to do with being the best, or claiming to be the future of the league.

Soudog has a killer site. Best fan site I have ever seen. I use it often. Wrote him an email a short time ago complimenting the site. Anyone who hasn't seen it should take a look. Plus he's an Eskimo fan...nuff said.[/b]

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im pretty indifferent to the idea... just wanted to say that the drawings were pretty good, meaning conciderably better than i could do... i wish i could draw

Only problem with your logo(it is nice by the way) is that the big W made me think of Winnipeg before I thought of the Western Conf.

There were no East or West division logos before these ones.

its only been a couple of days relax.....

to be honest, it looks like a 3 year drew it, and im more of a traditionalist so i dont really like the colour change, but i commmend you on your effort

BTW, did you try using paint to change the colour, im assuming it wouldnt have wroked, but i similar program may have worked

not sure what the other logos are about but OKAY!

KK.....I agree with Eskimos32001, good effort. Looks like you're into cutting out logos. Either that or you're working on a ransom letter or something.

you just cant slap various magazine pictures like that, you gotta draw them so you can mix the logos and intermix the colours, it'd look way better, but im assuming by your pic you dont have the artistic talent

j/k lil buddy.

i picked i hate both, but because it was the worst option and i couldnt resist, if you didnt want people to pick it, you shouldnt have posted suck a terrible pic

once again j / k lil guy

Hate to rain on your parade Kanga, I really don't like green and don't like change. Maybe you should edit "The suck" part and then you won't be feeling the arrows as much. I'm a beleiver in leaving the logos alone....I have to admit, I still prefer the old CFL logo with the hat.....call me old fashioned!

I prefer the red logo and you suck as an artist :wink: