have fun crapping the bed again this year

that just not nice at all

"that, well that's just terrieble"


......it's just KKs spelling, its pretty terrieble.......

.....just as terrieble as RnR's trolling attempts.....

its horribile

Hmmm I see a connection...Could Kanga and RNR / Wicky Way or whatever he calls himself be related?


Well Maybe,

Naw couldn't be,

Seperated at Birth,


They are the same person I would bet.

Whadda ya think RW2005....Should we poll the posters?

Although RNR wickyway was also trolling on the Bomber section too!

Could be a ruse…you know, to hide his true identity…or identities…

Good point, I didn't think of it that way.....But KK is a die hard Bomber fan...and even if RNR was his alter ego, I couldn't see him taking a stab at the Bombers....Just wouldn't fit.

Lets Ask Marty York....Marty knows the truth! :roll:

Maybe Marty is RnR....they both have about the same credibility.....

Good point jm02… You might be onto something.

lol thats could be


oh god, the riders think I'm RNR. :roll:

  1. I would never come on here to insait your team, that's for the main forum or other forums
  2. If I have an off topic subject, I want until I come up with another one and do the topics together
  3. I would never gorlyfly EE at all.
  4. I would never insait the BB, they are my team.
    and the list goes on...

THE WheatKING is angry.

I’m the Wheatking now? not that I care, cool name.

No you are not the wheatking