i broke 200 posts, i probably have taken the longest to break it :slight_smile::):P, congrats to me

you're the man RnR. Kanga probably posts that many in one day.

KK posts that many to himself!


there werent many of them but they were all well thought out and researched to great lenghts lol

Uh-huh.....right..... :smiley:

He must have been one of your students that you flunked…both of you are turning up everywhere now. :wink:

Hit him with your yard stick jm02

Send him back to grade 5

hahaha, I only make 21 a day, 22 on a good day, and that numbers coming down, believe you me.

and I have almost 4400. :shock:

KK's next post will be 23 total 4401