man edmonton whooped you guys didnt we, by 17 POINTS

just wanna make sure you guys havent forgotten the physical,mental,domination we laid on you, and also

were 1ST in the power rnakings:) have a nice day

ya cause the power rankings mean so much.

1 loss...big deal....

I predicted this loss in Big Dave's pool.

Don't start planning the parade route yet RunNealonRun.....

Man , Hamilton whooped you guys by 26 points , 40-14 . You sure suck nealon the peon.

So RUNNealonRUN, give us your take on the game Vs Hamilton.......

26 points was it?

Lets see how long it take untill he comes back. :lol:

He ain't coming back. 8)

Nealon , where art thou???

lol srry ladies, i was in seattle on vacation, ahhh you know it pissed me off but teams lose, i will wait till playoffs to start getting worried, you guys have to QBs that cannot take a hit, Miss casey printers with his shoulder and his wittle turf toe, and davey girl with his head you guys are going down shit creek without a paddle

Casey doesn't play here anymore.....called riding the pine. Dave and Buck can handle things. Good thing you guys don't play the Ti-cats anymore!

yah the ti-cats are tough, buddy I COULD CARE LESS THAT WE LOST TO THEM NOW, IM OVER IT, wait till playogffs start you little girl

But you still haven't answered the question....If Edmonton inflicted physical, mental domination on us....What did the Ti-cats inflict on you guys?

If our two losses is "down the creek without a paddle..." What does your 6 losses equate to?

Sportmen - Don't use such big words with RnR. He's probably got the dictionary out, trying to reply.

oh we were PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, outmatched that day by the ti-cats.

we played stupid with penalties, we played soft on defence , our line played like crap, we played a all around shitt ass game,

but i do know its one game and we can recover,

but it seems when you guys lose to us, you guys blamed everytihng but your team played crappy. at least i know we sucked in our game

Uh Nealon....Check the post on the Eskie site....You'll see my post because YOU agreed with my grass comment. I gave you guys full credit there!

Anyways...we have beaten this posting to death.... see ya in the playoffs.

I tell you i work with some eskimo fans and they are just as ONE-SIDED as RUNnealonRUN when the ESKIMOS lose its the bad calls (every game has bad calls you cant blame the calls anymore its expected) and the shrug off attitude but when they get a win its like the whole WORLD BETTER RECOGNIZE THAT the ESKIMOS are the GREATEST FOOTBALL in CFL history(<<<<<not so). Your team isnt as good as it once was but its still a good team quit being a ONE SIDED EXCUSE MAKING FAN and acknowledge reality

Perhaps, #589, but let's not generalize. There are plenty of reality-conscious and intelligent Eskimos posters here. . .

Now, now, RnR. . .was that really necessary???

Theres the pot calling the kettle black! :lol: :lol: