Who else thinks that if Barker didn't get injured, Sandy Beveridge would now be unemployed?


He is only slightly better than Wayne Shaw..I think that says it all.. :lol:

Agreed! If Barker was fit to play, Beveridge would be gonzo!

Depends on how barker plays but beveridge would still stick for depth and st but shouldnt be starting.

Let's remember that Bauman was quoted in the past of not putting much time in the weightroom so a young lanky guy like him who hits the gym in a serious way could easily put 20 lbs of muscle on naturally and "buff up".

I don't think Sandy would be unemployed
if Dylan Barker hadn't got injured, sig.

This doesn't make sense to me.

Barker is 21 year old complete novice
who hasn't played his first game as a pro.

Sandy is in his 6th year as a pro.

I assume you saw something you didn't like today
maybe you can start with that...give some reasons.

Beveridge is a competitor. I don't think he is first-string safety material, but he's a good depth guy and special teams performer. Barker is hurt, so the musings about Sandy's employment staus is moot. Dylan has great upside and providing he has a successful recovery, he should be a factor in the Cats D for years to come.

Oski Wee Wee,

No one can compare Beveridge to Barker.

To do so would be totally unfair.

Barker has no CFL experience at all.

I spoke to Sandy and Dylan after the game
Both Where pretty Upset by the Call on Fumble.
We talk and they are Proud of the Effort
Dylan is Learning alot by Watching Sandy .
Trust me When I Say There is room for both.

Sandy is Another Leader on this Team.

I hope Dylan doesn't watch Beveridge too much..Beveridge is usually out of position.!

Beveridge has a ton of heart and compassion for the game. However we need a Paul Bennett style safety - a big hit threat and who can play in position.

Well said, Tom.

I think Sandy has a spot on this team for his ST performance alone.

IMHO - he's a VERY overpaid ST player. Honestly, once a QB sees #19 in, THAT is where the ball will go. Usually results in a big gain or TD. He may have experience, be a "nice guy", and have a tonne of heart, but that doesn't matter a hill of beans when it comes to the fact that as a DB/S, his talents are woefully lacking.

Sandy would still be here even if Barker was starting. Every team in the CFL has at least 3 FS and/or 3 Canadian DB. You need Canadian depth down the stretch.

If the team has bad Canadian talent down the stretch we still lose.

Fine. We need GOOD NI depth...

Sandy ain't very good.