RIP 57

It was two years ago today we lost 57 . A true Ti-cat.

RIP Travis


Seems like just yesterday.

RIP Travis.

RIP Travis A tiger-cat for every!

Tons of potential and a welcomed part of this team. A true loss…

It’s terrible to see someone die so early in life.

RIP Travis.

One imposing ball-player and a fine individual.

RIP travis

we where lucky to have Travis even for a short time.

We will never know what his True potential would have been.

I am hoping Marko Cavka will be answer to our Problems at Tackle since the death of Travis.

He will not be forgotten.

I will never forget the game against Edmonton; I had never seen an offensive tackle make Joe Montford into such a non-factor in a football game....and Travis Claridge did just that.

I've been glued to the TV for CFL football games ever since the late 1950s (yes, I'm that old)...and I do not recall an offensive tackle ever putting in such an impressive performance.

A truly great loss.

You are still remembered and missed, Travis. Thank you for what you did for the team but also your kindness to me personally.


Sigh...what could have been. Hard to believe it has been 2 years now. He will not soon be forgotten.
RIP Travis

I don't post alot, but when i do it is for a
meaningful reason. I backup the above comment
because i am also in that age group.
In all my years watching CFL i have never seen
a tackle hold off two charging DT's at once.
I salute him!

      He will be definitly missed!


I’ve never seen a better, more imposing defensive tackle in my days of watching CFL ball, and a wonderful individual as well.

I miss him as an individual and as a great player.

Must not watch alot because he played O-line.

My bad! Its funny you know; I must be getting old. I know he plays O-Line. Whats worse is that I've done this before.

Is it time to call out the white coats? :oops:

No way, Spike! Your sentiment was noble, and that's what counts.Travis was a brief, bright presence on the Tiger-Cat stage, gone too soon, missed by everyone who had the pleasure of talking with him. He will never be forgotten, even by us old guys with sketchy memory for details.

Yep, there's something "sketchy" for sure.

Well said. All the pettiness of sites like this don't mean much when something as tragic as his death puts things into perspective for most of us.