The Leos have just set a record for wins in row. What's amazing is the Lions winning record over the past nineteen games of this season and last. Proof that when you have strength down the middle....Ackles, Buono, O'Billovich, Ritchie, Dickenson, Printers you end up being very successful.

The following are some game thoughts on our win against Calgary!

  1. The Leos defence won this game by providing us a tremendous first half of turnovers and interceptions. Miles returned a fumble recovery to the one yard line, Wilson returned a fumble for a TD. The other interceptions and fumble recoveries put Calgary in a hole that they never recovered from.

  2. You'd almost swear that the Leos coaching staff was reading our posts in the first moments of the game by using Anderson on kickoffs and hitting Green for a huge game on the opening play. I've mentioned Green has not been accounted for by oppostion defences. It was great to finally see the Leos exploit it.

  3. The key drive of the game was the last drive of the first half when the Leos punched the ball over from the one yard line with no time left on the clock.

  4. The offence played well enough to win but based on the number of turnovers the Leos defence provided they should have scored more points. Dickenson did throw for 400 yards and utilized all his receviers well.

  5. Once again Dickensen took too many hits for a quarterback on the best team in the CFL. The Leos did a better job of picking up the blitz at times but teams are blitzing us like crazy.

  6. Antonio Warren is the most dynamic running back in the CFL. He did his usually good job of running the ball but its his pass catching ability that separates him from the other backs in the league.

  7. The Leos still have to work on their goal line offence. Warren did get a couple of TD's but was also stopped twice in a row in the first quarter from the one yard line. Dickensen also went to play action on first down on the one yard line for a passing TD to Warren. It's an area I know I keep harping on but its an area that still needs improvement. The Leos need some variety down there by utilizing their fullbacks once in a while. EVERYONE on the defence is keying on Warren in these situations.

  8. Young and Marsh played excellent again and Phillips, the Leo Rookie of the Year, keeps on getting better. Miles also had an excellent game.

  9. Dave Ritchie used the all out blitz, with no safety in the middle a bit too much when the Leos had the lead. It cost us when Washington let his man beat him to the middle, which should not happen. Kidd was also beaten on the same play but its a tougher assignment for a linebacker and Burris also had started rolling to his side. Ritchie adjusted later in the game. Washington was also beaten for a second touchdown. He's the back teams are still picking on.

  10. Duncan O'Mahoney looked scared to death out there and it showed. His eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head. He used to let things roll of him a lot better last year but he's not confident and the pressure he feels under is showing. His punting was excellent again.

  11. The Lions special teams coverage on punts and kickoffs was outstanding. They really have some starters who are really taking pride in special teams play and it showed. Carl Kidd is now leading the team in special team tackles....a great example for a veteran.

We're still winning, the team has lots to celebrate, and still has some areas they work on. It's going to get tougher each game, as every team would love to be the team to end the winning streak. I"ve always beeen proud to be a Leos fan but this season has started out pretty special~!

I really wish I could’ve seen the game on a TV, or something… Radio just doesn’t do it for me… When Duncan punted, all I could imagine was a bunch of little Stampeders running around in circles running into eachother as the ball went down the field.

Anyways, go Lions! :smiley:

As usual Blitz your awesome analytical mind is second to none!

I don't know if you take notes or if it is al mental, but you have an amazing preceptive ability to store game data, and help us turn our weaknesses into assets...

If they aren't reading your posts they should be...

You realy should be one of our coaches!

Wasn't that first 62 yard toss to the always uncovered Lyle Green unparalleled spendor Blitz?

Didn't it do your heart glad to see this unsung gladiator recognized at last...

Yes and with this win the Lions are beginning the see their true potential recognized!

Yes and with this win the Lions are beginning the see their true potential recognized!
You're so right PigSkin 53....people are really taking notice!!!

As for first play of scrimmage to Lyle Green.....I was in a state of shocke and jumped so high out of my chair that my head almost hit the ceiling. As mentioned in my previous posts I believed they could hit him deep because teams were not accounting for him. Green is a good pass reciever with excellent speed for a fullback. It was great to see the smile on his face and his teammates congratulated him.

In a later post this morning I'll talk about the blitz some more (that's my name) and why opposition teams are blitzing us more than any other offence in the league.

Isn't winning wonderful....sure makes the morning coffee taste a lot better after a Leos win!!!!

I think Green was a great choice for the opening play too because Dicky doesn't seem to like the long pass as much as the short. Nailing Green on a 64 yarder on the opening play surprised everyone, I think. I sure didn't expect it. I figured 10-15 yard passes for the first few plays, not a 30+ yarder.

Great game for the Lions!!