Glad you defend KJ. Obviously I’m a biased…but I’d rather have KJ as a quaterback than Kevin Glenn, Jason Maas or whoever Toronto goes with be it Damon Allen or someone else. Of course, I’m no expert, so who knows if those other teams would think the same.

I have been very pleased at Crandell's performance as a back-up.
I just am astonished when guys like Vanstone begin the "let's run KJ out of town because Crandell is so wonderful" campaign.
For example, Vanstone likes to tell us what an accurate passer Crandell is, supposedly better than KJ.
I have never figured that one out as Crandel is a very inauspicious 55% career, with a brutal 73 rating, compared to KJ at 59.7% and 83 rating.

However, if I could trade KJ even up for Kevin Glenn, I would do it in a heartbeat.
But KJ is definately better than Jason Maas, or an aging Damon Allen.
And potentially, KJ can be great.
He remains the best athlete at his position in the league and if his learning curve can just stay ahead of his aging curve, he can get the job done.
If he plays as well in 2007 as he did in 2005 for Ottawa, look out!!

-I agree the exclamation point is a GREAT character / punctuation mark. I just dont see need for it after every sentence. And thank-you.


-I contemplated Kevin Glenn before reading your post, who would i give KJ for? His was the only name that came to mind. Although, I dont think I would agree with the straight up trade, I'd also want a 4th or so round draft choice with KG. I think KG has a better mindframe for passing; however, with who we have at receiver, im very content with KJ being our no.1 Man.

I am happy with KJ as well.
I am however also a big Kevin Glenn fan and if you factor age into the picture, then Glenn's upside is bigger than KJ.
But that doesn't mean I am asking that we trade anyone.
If KJ has a good season, and the team has a good season, there is no reason why KJ can't be the all-star QB in the west this year.
But I am predicting that Kevin Glenn will be the all-star QB in the east.

Kerry Joseph Will do great this year!
The Riders will undoubtedly keep their playoff streak alive in above average fashion.
I can see a regular season record of at least 12-6.
That's like twice as good as mediocre.
The '07 Riders are Grey Cup Appearance Bound. (pls note the word appearance in that sentence)

As for #4, He Will Impress.

I can see a regular season record of at least 12-6.

Thats pushing it... Too many changes I think...

I can see another 9-9 season for the Riders this year. IMO, they need to develop a QB to replace Joseph when he retires.. he is 35(I think) and maybe only a couple years left..

Joseph is 33, but I agree - only a couple good years left, unless he pulls an Allen and thinks he is invincible.....

I knew it was in the 30's somewhere, but thanks for the correct info JM. If he is only 33, maybe he might have 3 good seasons left in him then... :wink:

The weird thing with KJ, is, while 33, he is only entering his 4th full year at QB, 5th overall.
So he should be getting significantly better each year as he gains experience.
Coincidently, while being 33 at safety might mark the end of your career as you can't afford to lose a step at that position, being a safety earlier in his career means he did not take the physical pounding a starting QB would take which potentially will add years to his career.
So it is tough to figure him out.
I think the next 2 years will tell all.
Either he plays really well, or some kid will take his job.

if i was coaching KJ, i'd tell him to look to run often in the first quarter of every game.

opposing defences have to respect his running ability, thus leaving more passing opportunities down field.

the problem with barrett, was he didnt want KJ to run too often, which i feel hurt KJ. it kinda pressured him to second guess himself when the opportunity to run was there ( so many games, u could see he wanted to run, but kinda looked hesitant then made a bad pass instead- altho his injury prolly played a part in some of those).

run run run...defences adjust and second guess your every move, then pass pass pass...defences adjust, then run run run....etc..keep them guessing, keep them confused. throw in some of thos trick plays and u have a very hard team to defend against...not to mention a very entertaining team to watch.

one strength of KJ, is when he decides to hand-off, defences have to be hesitate cuz theres always the threat that he is using the RB as a fake and he has the ball himself.

KJ has all the tools to be a dominant QB in this league...he's not one dimensional like most QB's....he just has to play to his potential every game!

KJ has all the tools to be a dominant QB in this league...he's not one dimensional like most QB's....he just has to play to his potential every game!
Pretty good assessment, DG. I think having him run early is a good idea, but it needs to be part of the game plan or due to pressure, not just KJ deciding to give it a whirl. But the potential he has to be not just a good QB, but a great one certainly exists. As I have said before the question is which curve, learning or aging will win out.


Run Run! RUN!

Running early to set up the late . . .
. . . hold on. Joseph's going DEEP! Long bomb! He's got a man Wide Open Touchdown!!! Riders Win! Riders Win! 12-6! 12-6! 12-6 !!!!!!!!!

Grey Cup Bound!!!