How will Kerry Joeseph do this year. Any off-season news about this guy? I am amsumming that he will lead like a superstar but thats just me. Whatchoo think about it?

i'm hoping the new field-turf will be kind to his knee! if he can break outside the pocket and roll out he will post great number this season.

as long as his physical tools don't fail him he won't fail the riders. he will never be a polished passer, but he has excellent vision on the field and that is hard to find in this league!

KJ’s got enough talent to be successful, it’s just a matter of him executing on his passes and reading the defence. With all our new star receivers I think he should do just fine and will have a breakout year in '07, if he can stay healthy.

Go Riders!

Foresure, but he needs to work on his pass percentege alot, and that means running alot more and....we don't have a running back that is capable....damn.

pass pecentage has a lot to do with recievers too.

Not to mention pocket presence. Now, hear me out first. He does have the know-how... but he needs to use his feet and head more.. Dont force stupid throws, rather take off and slide for a couple. In the confused football league, every down counts; every inch counts. Also, maybe it'll make defenders think 'ooo snap, i need to maintain him as well'. Catch a few defenders thinking like that, and you may have a few more open targets.

I'd like to see the reffs actually give a damn about him.. Instead of letting all the late hits etc. fly because 'oh its KJ he can take a good beating'

He needs to play with urgency, yet still play smart. Dont push throw into double coverage, dont force plays. Make them.

I think this years offense has the potential to be a steam-roller. But our defence / punting i am more concernd about.

but thems just my .02

The man knows how to run. Was he not like 4th in the CFL rushing until he hurt his knee????

We dont? IMO, Bracey can be a good back in this league, and if Szarka is used properly we can have a very solid running game, and when Joseph added to the mix, it can be the best part of the Rider offence. Its just a matter of finding the right balance of running and passing plays to keep opposing defences guessing as to play is coming--something we didnt do very well last year.

Lets hope he is healthy for a full year, so we can see how good or bad he actually is, I dont think he has played a full year yet in this league.

How many games did he play that year he threw for 4000 and ran for 1000?

KJ played all 18games in 2005

It says on the stat page on this site that KJ played in all 18 games in 2006 as well. Funny I remember Crandell starting one game and Rocky Butler playing both games against Hamilton that year. Unless KJ does a very convincing Butler impression that we arent aware of.

While Crandel and Butler both played games, KJ was likely on the roster.
However, I do think Durant was on the roster for a couple of games when KJ may not have been. Particularly, I think KJ did not suit up for the 'Smoe game at the end of last year. But if he suited up for that one, chances are he did suit up for all 18 games.

Always remember the stats on the CFL website are prone to error.

I'm pretty happy with KJ as our quarterback for the upcoming season! Not that we really have a choice.

Last season, I'll admit, I questioned his commitment. When you readily admit to the public that you don't even watch the playoffs in the previous years, goodness knows where your head is. But KJ took a huge paycut! To me that shows excellent commitment and even better leadership!

The only thing I'm confident in about Kent Austin is the following.

I have a good feeling that KJ will develop better with Austin as headcoach as opposed to Barrett. I look forward to see how KJ does this season.

Do you think he would voluntarily have taken a pay cut? Give me a break. He was forced to do it...


I never said anywhere in my post that KJ voluntarily took a pay cut! I don't care if he voluntarily took the pay cut!

KJ could have said no and then been released and test the free agent market! But he didn't! Maybe he wanted to stay in Sask!

But if he was forced to do it...who was the threat under center...Crandell???? Yeah...his performance is really intimidating (please note the sarcasm)! I'm sure (of course we'll never really know) KJ would have been picked up by another team (Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg)! But he stayed in Saskatchewan!

I'll admit KJ is no Dave Dickenson or Ricky Ray! But he's the best shot we've got right now! Everyone knows this! KJ knows this! And still, he stayed in Sask!


Where was he gonna get the money he is still getting from the Riders? There isnt anywhere. And if you would know me, and my posts, you would know Im always defending Kj...

I am sure you are right, JM, that KJ was largely forced to take a pay cut.
But he could have likely got the $225 or more on the open market, so the Riders did not hold all the cards.
Which means the fact that he seems to have readily accepted the pay cut rather than force the Rider hand does show leadership and commitment.

A healthy KJ is still light years ahead of Crandel, no matter how many times Vanstone says different....

Well, I do belive Crandell can be intimidating under center. Not as the starter per say or IF a d-cordinator is expecting him. However I do very much like the slight differences in his gameplay to change the tempo, feel, urgency / whatever of the game for the riders whenever he's come off the bench. As when he is on the sidelines he's got his head in the game, and when his number is called to go in; he knows whats up, and what needs to be done, whats worked, and has a good idea of what he might be able to do. So, sorry to be the devils advocate, however I do think Crandel can be intimidating under center. Maybe not to those big-ole D line man. But rather the D-cordinator.

And not to nit-pick; but please do use something other than the EXCLAMATION POINT! Its not the only punctuation :wink:

Arent the Raiders looking for a safety? -har har-

I do like (actually love) Crandall as a back up. I guess I was more just trying to portray my belief that Joesph absolutely must be our starter. I think we have a great QB's situation. Only BC's is better.

Dude...whatta you got against the exclamation point? I'll try help you out. But I do love the exclamation point...I don't know why.